Eritrean Government Seeks Consultants to Advice on ADF-Backed 30 MW Solar Power Plant


The Eritrean government, in partnership with the African Development Fund (ADF), has launched a tender to select a consultant to assist in the construction of the Dekemhare solar power plant. The 30 MWp solar power plant will be developed near Dekemhare town in the Debub region.


Interested consultancy firms have until February 20 to apply. The selected consultant is expected to assist the relevant authorities in all stages of the solar plant project, including the tendering process and contract negotiations.


The future solar plant at Dekemhare will include a battery storage system to stabilize the grid of the state-owned power utility Eritrean Electricity Corporation (EEC). The government will also build a 66 kV substation along with a transmission line. ADF, the concessional financing window of the African Development Bank (AfDB) Group, is backing this 30 MW solar PV project.


The recent contract launched by Eritrea’s Ministry of Energy and Mines covers the capacity building for the project executing agency, which includes operation and maintenance of the photovoltaic plant & battery systems, solar energy forecasting, monitoring and control of equipment, and incorporation into the dispatch schedule.

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The consultancy firm will help in the review and approval of the project’s detailed design, EPC contractor construction plans, and technical reports, along with the supervision of the plant’s construction. The consultant will also be given the responsibility of Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) for major equipment and supervision of the Environment and Social Management Plan (ESMP).

The site of the Dekemhare solar plant is situated 40 km southeast of the capital city of Asmara. The future photovoltaic plant is in line with Eritrea’s policy to diversify its electricity mix. The East African nation is 90% dependent on fossil fuels for overall power generation, according to the International Energy Agency (IEA).

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