Centre Approves Rs 16,400 Crore for Five Solar Parks in Andhra Pradesh


The Union Minister for Renewable Energy and Power RK Sing has approved five solar parks at an estimated cost of Rs.16,400 crore that have a total capacity of 4,100 MW to Andhra Pradesh under the Solar Parks Development Scheme.


V Vijayasai Reddy, a member of YSRCP, asked the minister a question in the Rajya Sabha. He said that 590.80 crore was already paid by the Central government for financial assistance to develop two solar parks in Anantapur and one each in Kurnool, YSR Kadapa district and hybrid solar wind parks in Ramagiri.


Minister said that 1400 MW Solar Park-1 was worth Rs 244.81 crore, 500 MW Park-2 at Anantapur is worth Rs 91.24 crore. He said that Rs 54.25 crores was spent on 1,000 MW Solar Parks in YSR Kadapa and Rs 200.25 crore for 1000 MW Parks in Kurnool. 1400 MW Solar Park-1 is located in Anantapur, while 1000 MW Solar Parks in Kurnool operate at their full capacity.

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Minister stated that 250 MW are available from the 1000 MW capacity in YSR Kadapa and 400 MW from the 500 MW second solar park in Anantapur were operational. An approved solar wind hybrid park with a capacity of 200 MW is yet to start in Ramagiri, he said.


To set up one MW of electricity at a solar park, an average cost of Rs 4 crores is expected. The minister stated that 5 parks of total 4100 MW in capacity will cost Rs 16,400 crores. The centre will pay Rs 25 Lakhs per solar park DPR, he stated. To complete the solar parks, the minister stated that this program has been extended to March 2024.

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