German Ambassador To Thailand Commends The World’s Largest Floating Solar Hybrid

A file photo of German Ambassador to Thailand commends the world’s largest floating solar hybrid for its environmental friendliness and contribution to sustainable community development

A delegation from the German Embassy in Bangkok led by H.E. Georg Schmidt, Ambassador of Germany to Thailand, accompanied by the German-Thai Chamber of Commerce (GTCC), German International Cooperation (GIZ), and executives from Siemens visited the 45 MW Hydro-floating Solar Hybrid Project of Sirindhorn Dam in Ubon Ratchathani Province. Mr. Chatchai Mawong, Assistant Governor – Power Plant Engineering and Construction of the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT), and EGAT executives warmly welcomed the ambassador and the delegates and gave a presentation on the project development and promotion of the community quality of life on February 10, 2023.


H.E. Georg Schmidt, Ambassador of Germany to Thailand, praised the success of the Hydro-floating Solar Hybrid Project of Sirindhorn Dam for achieving its goal of generating reliable clean energy that is socially and environmentally friendly, showing Thailand’s determination to support clean energy. Moreover, the project promotes self-reliance in the community for sustainable co-existence.  Ambassador Schmidt was especially impressed by the innovative combination of solar and hydropower to provide a reliable, round-the-clock source of electricity for the community. “With technological input from German companies, we can make full use of Thailand´s potential of renewable energy. Germany has been a close political, economic, and technological partner for Thailand for many years. We work closely together to implement our common goals for development and sustainability. This project is the latest child of our close relationship on energy.”

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Mr. Chatchai Mawong, EGAT Assistant Governor – Power Plant Engineering and Construction, said that EGAT has combined electricity generation from floating solar cells with Sirindhorn Dam Hydropower Plant to reduce the limitations of renewable energy, thereby making renewable energy more stable and driving Thailand to achieve Carbon Neutrality according to the government policy. Moreover, EGAT places importance on developing community quality of life by promoting the power plant to become a vital tourist attraction and a new energy learning center of Ubon Ratchathani Province, creating sustainable jobs and income for the community as well as stimulating the overall economy of the province. After the world’s largest floating solar hybrid was open to the public, there has been approximately 420,000 visitors, thus generating income for community enterprises of over 8.3 million Baht.


Dr. Thai-Lai Pham, the CEO, of Siemens ASEAN, congratulated EGAT on this remarkable step towards power generation from renewable energy sources. Siemens is proud to be a part of this distinctive project with its software solutions including Microgrid Control, Photovoltaic Plant Control, and Distributed Energy Optimization (DEOP) that support the management of renewable energy from solar panels and hydropower from dams to increase the stability of the power system as well as to ensure balance and efficiency.

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Due to the success of the hybrid project at Sirindhorn Dam, especially the carbon reduction of 47,000 tons per year and contribution to community development, EGAT is underway to develop the hybrid projects in EGAT’s nine dams nationwide, totaling 16 projects with a total generating capacity of 2,725 MW, to move toward a net-zero society. The next Hydro-floating Solar Hybrid Project is being developed at Ubol Ratatna Dam, Khon Kaen Province, with a generating capacity of 24 MW and a commercial operation date at the end of 2023. The ongoing project will improve the stability of electricity generation from renewables by installing a battery energy storage system to enhance the efficiency and continuity of power generation.

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