Yemen’s Minister Of Agriculture Inaugurates Solar-Powered Irrigation System In Sanaa Province


Abdulmalik Al-Thawr (Minister of Agriculture and Irrigation of Yemen) inaugurated a solar-powered irrigation system project to water coffee trees in Bilad Al-Ghalf, Sanaa Province. This project will benefit four villages.


The Minister spoke at the opening. He also addressed local officials as well as a group of coffee farmers of Bani Matar from the district.


Al-Thawr stated that the ministry was working with supporting agencies and financiers to implement similar projects across the remaining districts and provinces.


He pointed out that the state is very interested in agricultural production, and the possibility of self-sufficiency through this crop. This crop has a history of high quality.


Many farmers from these areas replanted Qat trees after the inauguration and began planting coffee trees.

Yemen is home of some of the best-loved coffee varieties, which are known for their distinctive taste. High-altitude coffee beans yield more flavor and density.

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