CREST Invites Bids for 4 MW Canal Top Solar Project in Chandigarh


Chandigarh Renewable Energy and Science and Technology Promotion Society (CREST) has issued an invitation for bids to implement a 4 MW grid-connected solar power project on top of a canal in Sarangpur, Chandigarh. The project includes designing, manufacturing, supplying, erecting, testing, commissioning, and maintenance for ten years. The estimated cost of the project is ₹25.6 crores, and the last date to submit bids is March 6, 2023, with bids opening the next day.


Bidders must provide an earnest money deposit of ₹51.2 lakhs and a performance bank guarantee of 3% of the project’s capital cost. The project must be completed within six months of receiving the work order, and the successful bidder should sign the contract agreement within 30 days.


The bidder should have a financial turnover of at least ₹12.8 crores in the last three financial years. They should have completed three similar works with a cost of no less than 40% of the project’s estimated cost in the last seven years, or one work with a cost of no less than 80% of the estimated project cost. The solar modules used in the project should be “Made in India,” and the bidder must have supplied and installed a minimum of 1,000 kVA, 415V/11 kV or more, a 50 Hz step-up transformer, and all protections, switchgear, and vacuum circuit breakers.

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If the bidder has executed works as an independent power producer for any government agency/state nodal agency/government public sector, the project cost would be considered as ₹4 crores per MW for financial work eligibility criteria. The bidder should also have a service center in or around Chandigarh within a 50km radius with qualified staff.


View the tender document here:

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