Cleantech Solar Commissions 800 kWp Rooftop Solar PV System For Shell Lubricants Oil Blending Plant In Marunda, Indonesia

A file photo of Commissioning Ceremony: Cleantech Solar & Shell celebrate the commissioning of an 800 kWp solar PV system at Shell Lubricants Oil Blending Plant in Marunda, Indonesia

Cleantech Solar, a leading provider of renewable energy solutions to corporations in Southeast Asia and India, has commissioned an 800 kWp rooftop solar PV project for Shell Lubricants Oil Blending Plant (Shell LOBP) in Marunda, Indonesia. Cleantech Solar will provide a complete turnkey solution and guarantee the performance of the solar PV system.


The installation of solar PV on the rooftop of Shell LOBP in Marunda is expected to generate approximately 26 GWh of electricity (20%-35% of LOBP total power consumption) to help reduce CO2 emissions during the project lifetime. By incorporating solar power in their operations, Shell LOBP in Marunda will reap the benefits of a cleaner source of electricity to power their manufacturing processes.


Mr. Ari Dian Bawono, Country LSC Director, said, “At Shell LOBP, we continue to adopt a combination of measures to improve our energy efficiency. The installation of solar PV in our plant is also aligned with Shell’s Powering Progress strategy to accelerate the transition of our business to achieve net-zero emission by 2050 and at the same time, supporting Indonesia’s energy transition journey. We will continue exploring opportunities to reduce carbon footprint in our operation along with the business growth aspirations.”

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Mr. Raju Shukla, Founder, and CEO of Cleantech Solar said, “Cleantech Solar is glad to power Shell LOBP in Indonesia, helping them make the transition towards cleaner and more economical solar power. Our high-quality solar solution will enable long-term price stability, and a significant reduction of carbon footprint and to add to these benefits, will provide security of energy supply. We hope for further collaborations in Indonesia to help businesses achieve their environmental and cost-saving targets whilst contributing towards the country’s sustainability targets.”


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