Solar Fence Along India-Bhutan Border Mitigates Human-Elephant Conflict


An 18-km-long solar fence has been erected along the India-Bhutan border to mitigate human-elephant conflict and protect over 10,000 people residing in 11 villages in Assam’s Baksa district, reports PTI.


The barrier, which was erected on the Indian bank of River Bornadi, has led to a reduction in incidents of wild elephants straying into villages and deaths due to man-elephant conflict.


The solar fence was erected by bio-diversity organization ‘Aranyak’ with funding from the Elephant Foundation of India in February 2021. Villagers were also involved in the project and made financial contributions by constructing concrete posts to ensure the longevity of the fence.


Solar lights were also installed at various locations to facilitate elephant sighting from a safe distance at night.


The villages protected by the solar fence include Dongargaon, Pub Guabari, Hastinapur, Mahendranagar, Bogorikhuti no.1, Orongajuli, Dongargaon, Jaipur, Piplani, Bimalanagar and Bogorikhuti no. 2. The situation has improved considerably over the last two years, and people can now harvest their crops peacefully.

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