NTPC Invites Bids To Hire Consultants For Green Ammonia Feasibility Studies


A call for proposals has been issued by NTPC Renewable Energy, a fully-owned subsidiary of NTPC, to hire technical advisors for feasibility studies on green ammonia.


The proposals must be submitted by April 7, 2023, and the day of the bid opening is April 10.


The scope of the job comprises feasibility studies to evaluate the operating expenditure (OPEX), capital expenditure (CAPEX), and gestation time requirements for green ammonia projects. The consultant must also figure out what the ideal levelized price of green ammonia is.


Further, its scope also includes determining the precise location for constructing the entire facility on the site under consideration, as well as determining the amount and purity of needed green hydrogen, nitrogen, and any storage needs that may arise.


In order to take part in the bidding process, bidders had to have finished a feasibility assessment for the production of grey ammonia for at least 1,000 tons per day during the previous 12 years in a single project and at a single site.

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Additionally, in the last 3 years, bidders must have finished a feasibility study, front-end engineering design, or engineering procurement and construction management project for the production of green ammonia for a minimum of 10 tons/day at a single work site.

Alternatively, they must have finished a feasibility study, engineering procurement, and construction management, or front-end engineering design project over the previous 5 Years at a single site for a minimum of 2 tons per day of green hydrogen generation.

As of the bid submission date, the average yearly turnover of bidders shall not be less than Rs. 4 million for any 3 of the previous 5 fiscal years.

If the bidder is unable to reach the above-mentioned yearly turnover requirements on its own, its holding company will be required to do so. 

However, such a holding company’s net worth as of the final day of the prior fiscal year must be at least equal to or greater than its paid-up share capital.

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