PLN Indonesia Power Invites Bids For Hijaunesia 2023 Renewable Energy Project


PLN Indonesia Power is one of the sub-holdings of PT PLN (Persero) (PLN) which has a strategic role in the electricity sector in Indonesia and is one of the largest power generation companies. in Southeast Asia and manages more than 21 GW of power generation in Indonesia. PLN IP’s main business activity is as a provider of energy solutions which include power generation for the supply of electric power in Indonesia, engineering, procurement, construction, and beyond kWh business development.


Currently, in line with the government’s agenda in accelerating the energy transition to renewable energy development, PLN IP has started preparations for the Hijaunesia 2023 Project, which includes a multi-project Solar Photovoltaic (floating and land-based) (PLTS) and Wind Power Plant (PLTB). PLN IP is looking for potential investment partners for the development of the projects listed in the Hijaunesia 2023 Project and intends to own and maintain a majority stake in each project.


PLN IP hereby announces to every company registered in the PLN Selected Company List (DPT), regarding the commencement of a competitive process to select potential investment partners to develop, finance, construct and operate one or more projects in the 2023 Hijaunesia Project, respectively located in Java-Bali and Aceh respectively.

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Participants who are not currently registered with PLN’s DPT must submit a DPT application together with a Statement of Qualification (SOQ) to PLN IP and must be registered with PLN’s DPT no later than the time of submission of the proposal during the Work Plan and Requirements stage (Request for Proposal or RFP).


Furthermore, in accordance with the directives from the Ministry of Industry to support the development of the National Solar PV industry, PLN IP also invites Rank-1 (Tier-1) Solar PV Manufacturers who intend to establish factories in Indonesia and to contribute to meet the requirements of the Domestic Component Level. (TKDN).

For this matter, PLN IP has appointed KPMG Siddharta Advisory as its financial and commercial advisers, GHP Law Firm and Nah’R Murdono Law Office as its legal advisers, and AFRY and PLN Enjiniring as its technical advisers to assist in the selection of potential partners for each project in the Hijaunesia Project. 2023.

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Interested participants/parties who have experience working on similar and recent projects are invited to participate in the selection process by submitting an Expression of Interest (EOI).

EOI can be submitted no later than 10.00 WIB on 16 March 2023. Documents Request for Qualification (RFQ) will be available from 9 March 2023 to 16 March 2023. Participants are expected to submit SOQ no later than 17.00 WIB on March 20, 2023.

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