SuryaLogix Expands into Africa with First Order Dispatched to Somalia


SuryaLogix, a leading solar monitoring and controlling company, has achieved a significant milestone by dispatching its first order to Somalia, marking its expansion into the African continent. The company offers a range of solutions, including PV-DG Zero Export Controller (ZED), Datalogger, SCADA, Retrofit Solutions, Weather Station, Sensors, RMS, and a Centralized Monitoring Platform. For the Somali market, the company has supplied a 3 in 1 solution, PV-DG + ZED + Datalogger, to ensure the success of these projects.


The dispatch of the first order to Somalia is a testament to SuryaLogix’s commitment to providing efficient and reliable solutions to its clients, even in the world’s most challenging and remote regions. With a strong focus on innovation and technology, the company has leveraged its global network of partners and suppliers to provide customized solutions that meet the unique needs of its customers.

The expansion into Africa represents a significant growth opportunity for SuryaLogix, given the continent’s vast natural resources and emerging markets. The company has already established a strong presence in 20+ countries in other parts of the world, including the Middle East, South Asia, South East Asia, and South Africa. Now, it is looking to leverage its expertise in the renewable energy sector to support the development of Africa’s sustainable development.

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Somalia, with the highest resource potential for onshore wind power in Africa, experiences 3,000 hours of sunlight per year, and daily solar radiation ranges between 5-7 kWh/m2 per day, which equates to strong solar photovoltaic electricity generation capacity. Additionally, Somalia could potentially produce up to 45,000 MW from wind and 2,000 MW from solar power.


SuryaLogix’s successful dispatch of the first order for Somalia is a significant step towards establishing a foothold in the country and building long-term partnerships with local businesses and communities. By providing reliable and efficient solutions, SuryaLogix is facilitating renewable energy and supporting growth and sustainable development.

The company is committed to continuing its expansion into Africa and building on its success in Somalia. With a strong focus on customer satisfaction and innovation, SuryaLogix is well-positioned to become a leading monitoring and controlling solution provider on the continent and contribute to growth and sustainable development. SuryaLogix thanks its valued customers for trusting the company with their shipping needs and projects and is committed to providing them with excellent service and innovative solutions to meet their unique needs.

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