Sungrow Presents Latest Solar-plus-Storage Solutions At Solar Show Africa 2023


Due to Africa’s abundant resource potential, renewable energy is considered an essential component of the solution to the energy shortage there. Sungrow, the world’s leading supplier of inverters and energy storage system solutions, had a big presence at the Solar Show Africa 2023 with a wide range of solar and storage solutions to support energy independence and the energy transition.


Residential solar-plus-storage solution for African households

Self-generation of electricity by African families is in great demand, particularly when infrastructure is stressed. During the show, Sungrow highlighted its residential solution and demonstrated the featured solar-plus-storage solution, which included a single-phase hybrid inverter and high-voltage batteries. The integrated system allows for a seamless transition to off-grid mode during power outages and fast charging in 1.6 hours, ensuring a flexible, long-lasting, and safe power source for local inhabitants day and night.


The battery is built in a modular and user-friendly manner. In most countries, the plug-and-play architecture allows for simple installation by a single engineer.

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In addition, when compared to other brands, the solution generates 4 kWh more power per day. It has a broader MPPT voltage range of 40 – 560 V and a maximum input current of 32A per MPPT. Furthermore, the solution includes the PID Zero solution, which significantly reduces power generation losses due to module performance degradation and improves yields.

The solution offers maximum safety, particularly because it includes the AFCI function, which uses modern electronic technology to “sense” different arcing circumstances and prevents the electrical system from becoming an ignition source for a fire.

For the home solution, Sungrow provides a 10-year system warranty and assigns a professional service team to give 24/7 remote assistance.

The system may also be monitored and controlled using Sungrow’s iSolarCloud platform. The platform displays real-time and detailed plant updates, allows customers to monitor energy flow and self-consumption, and allows them to conveniently manage their renewable energy assets.

Solar and storage solutions for C&I and utility-scale applications

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As Africa’s industry and trade grow, so does the demand for energy that can be used productively. Energy storage in conjunction with PV is an excellent approach for achieving self-sufficiency in C&I facilities. Sungrow provides the SG125CX-P2 commercial PV inverter with the PowerStack liquid cooled energy storage system (ESS). The PowerStack allows you to store and utilise excess energy created during the day when the sun isn’t shining brightly.

Furthermore, Africa is a thriving solar hub for utility-scale solar projects. Sungrow has already acquired a contract to deliver their highlighted 1+X Modular Inverter solution to Africa’s largest private IPP PV project, which has a capacity of 256 MWp. The liquid-cooled ESS PowerTitan for utility-scale energy storage systems was also created to address renewable energy’s intermittency and volatility. The PowerTitan has a longer lifespan due to liquid cooled thermal management. The DC-DC controller can charge and discharge individual battery racks, improving system performance.

“Sungrow is well-positioned to provide sustainable energy solutions to a large number of humanity where improved economic opportunities and quality of life are the most needed, contributing to the continent’s efforts to transition to clean energy.” said Phyllis Yang, Head of Sungrow Southern Africa.

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