PT PLN Collaborates With France Hydrogene To Develop Green Hydrogen In Indonesia

A file photo of PT PLN Collaborates With France Hydrogene To Develop Green Hydrogen In Indonesia

The recent working visit of PT PLN (Persero) to France has opened up opportunities for global cooperation, including the development of green hydrogen in Indonesia. Director of Corporate Planning and Business Development at PLN, Hartanto Wibowo, even met directly with the French Hydrogen Association, namely France Hydrogene and the French International Entrepreneurs Association, MEDEF International, to discuss opportunities for support from French energy companies in developing hydrogen technology while reducing dependence on fossil energy.


“We express our highest appreciation to France Hydrogene and invite all companies under its association to collaborate with PLN in the development of sustainable energy technology, especially green hydrogen so that it brings great benefits to both parties,” said Hartanto.

At the meeting initiated by the Energy Academy Indonesia (ECADIN), Hartanto Wibowo explained PLN’s energy transition strategies and initiatives in achieving Net Zero Emissions in 2060, one of which is through the development of green hydrogen in Indonesia.


Hartanto added, going forward, PLN will build a hydrogen plant that will replace fossil-based diesel generators in the country. This collaboration with France Hydrogene is also focused on the development of hydrogen technology which is a solution to exploiting Indonesia’s natural potential.

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“This meeting reflects how we all have the same vision to develop sustainable energy technologies. For that we cannot be alone, hopefully from this meeting, we can collaborate with each other, “said Hartanto.

President Director of France Hydrogene Phillipe Boucly welcomed the meeting with PLN. He hopes that the Company Association under France Hydrogene can help Indonesia to reduce carbon emissions.

France Hydrogene has 467 member companies engaged in the hydrogen field in France which is currently chaired by Phillipe Boucly. Some of the companies present at the meeting which is located at the MEDEF International office include Air Liquide, Arhyze, HDF Energy, Sapaic Industry, Sunna Design, Vallourec Tubes, Vinci Energies and MEDEF International.

“We are proud to be able to meet with PLN and ECADIN to encourage the development of hydrogen technology in Indonesia. Companies under our auspices can help Indonesia to decarbonize and at the same time support the government’s efforts to develop hydrogen in Indonesia. In early January 2023, several companies under our auspices have contracted for the development of hydrogen in several countries around the world, such as HDF, Elogen, John Cockerill, Air Liquide and Swen,” said Phillipe.

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Phillipe Boucly also said that hydrogen is an energy carrier in Europe which is very important to replace imported fossil energy from outside Europe, for this reason, the handling and management of hydrogen technology development in France is very competent and capable.

By 2030, Europe needs as much as 20 million tonnes of hydrogen, of which 10 million tonnes will be produced in Europe, while the remaining 10 million tonnes will be imported from outside Europe in the form of 6 million tonnes of hydrogen and 4 million tonnes in the form of ammonia and other hydrogen derivatives.

So it is estimated that by 2030, the need for green hydrogen from renewable energy in Europe will reach 500 Watt hours (TWh), an electrolyzer capacity of 120 gigawatts (GW) with an investment requirement of up to 471 billion Euros.

Phillipe Boucly also explained that by 2030 in France, it is estimated that 6.5 GW of electrolyzers will be installed with an investment requirement of 9 billion Euros so that it will reduce emissions by 6 million tons of CO2 and will absorb a workforce of 150 thousand people.

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