GreenYellow Thailand And Lumentum International Partner For 4.2 MWp Solar Plant

A file photo of GreenYellow Thailand and Lumentum International (Thailand) Partner for 4.2 MWp Solar Plant

GreenYellow Thailand and Lumentum International (Thailand) successfully signed a Solar PPA agreement last year, marking the beginning of a long-term partnership for a 4.2 MWp solar plant.


The signing ceremony was attended by all stakeholders involved in the project who celebrated the milestone with speeches from top management, emphasizing the importance of partnership in making the project a reality.

The agreement comes as Lumentum International (Thailand) aims to reduce its carbon dioxide emissions, making GreenYellow the perfect partner for current and future solar projects.


The partnership between the two companies is expected to have a significant impact on reducing carbon footprint and promoting sustainable energy in Thailand.


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