NLC India Tenders for Engaging Coordinating Agency for 1400 MW Solar and Wind Power Plant in Tamil Nadu

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NLC India Limited, a Navratna-Government of India Enterprise, has released an open tender for engaging a qualified coordinating agency (QCA) for their 1400 MW solar and wind power plant (REPP) located at various places in Tamil Nadu. The purpose of this engagement is to comply with the Tamil Nadu Electricity Regulatory Commission’s (TNERC) regulations on forecasting, scheduling, deviation settlement, and related matters for wind and solar generation. The contract duration is set for 24 months.


Interested bidders are invited to participate in the e-tender process by logging in to NLC India Limited’s procurement portal. A pre-bid conference will be held through video conference on 22.05.2023 at 11.00. Last Date & Time for submission of physical Cover and Online Bid is 06.06.2023 at 14.30 hrs. and bids will be opened on the same day at 15.00 hrs.

Cost of Tender Documents (CTD) (Non-Refundable) is Rs.2,000/- and EMD/Bid Guarantee Amount is Rs. 2,20,000/-.


The scope of work for the qualified coordinating agency (QCA) in the project involves providing services related to “Forecasting, Scheduling, and Deviation Settlement Mechanism” for NLC India Limited’s 1400 MW Solar and Wind Power Plant (REPP) located at various places in Tamil Nadu. The services are to be carried out in accordance with the Tamil Nadu Electricity Regulatory Commission (TNERC) Regulations 2019.

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The QCA will be responsible for performing tasks related to forecasting, scheduling, and settling deviations in the power generation from the solar and wind power plant. This includes complying with the specific requirements and procedures outlined by TNERC. The QCA will be accountable for ensuring the accurate prediction of power generation, establishing schedules for power delivery, and managing any deviations that may occur.

View the tender document for more details:

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