SOFAR PowerMaster: A Game Changer for Utility ESS with Pioneering Power of Technology


    SOFAR, the global leading supplier of PV & ESS solutions, unveils its latest utility ESS innovation SOFAR PowerMaster embodied with state-of-the-art technological breakthroughs at SNEC 2023.


    The launch of the fully self-developed PowerMaster marks a milestone of the company’s comprehensive range of PV & ESS solutions for all scenarios. It can be seen as a portfolio of 5 key revolutionary breakthroughs pioneering in utility ESS sector, able to tackle key pain-points through increasing power yields at a lower cost, and safe and operation around the clock.

    Industry-leading Hybrid Cooling System


    The innovative combination of air and liquid cooling system provides intelligent monitoring which can reduce heat dissipation loss by about 30% and avoid condensation in battery compartments, thus realizing efficient and consistent cooling. Apart from this, the system comes with a lower battery temperature difference ≤2.5℃, able to maintain battery cells within the optimal temperature range and help extend the battery lifetime by 14%.


    Ultimate Proven Safety

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    Upholding strict safety priorities, SOFAR PowerMaster is equipped with 3+2 safety systems including triple FFS (fire suppression system), flammable gas emission and explosion-proof design to prevent secondary combustion. Meanwhile, the built-in safety design effectively protects the cells against high voltage or current short circuits, ensuring the stable operation around the clock.

    Flexible Expansion

    The modular design is highly adaptive and capable of expanding single chamber storage capacity up to 3.93MWh, which is ideal for flexible needs of capacity expansion. Furthermore, the smart rack-level management increase system discharge capacity by 7%. By virtue of three-level topology and 99% maximum conversion efficiency, the system maintains less losses and optimal power performance.

    Optimized Costs with Lower LCOS

    The highly-integrated design and refined management further improve power yields and offers lower LCOS for investors compared to traditional energy storage systems. Compatible with 320Ah cells, it minimizes the initial investment cost and enables higher energy density. Therefore, SOFAR PowerMaster is expected to be one of the most prudent choices for energy storage in the utility sector.

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    Smart Control

    In order to streamline the management process, SOFAR PowerMaster adopts the real-time automatic coordination control which guarantees PCS operating at full power. In addition, smart control algorithms make flexible and adjustable system capacity possible.

    Yu Feng, Vice President of SOFAR, points out that SOFAR PowerMaster is expected to inspire a technological revolution in utility ESS sector, for being fully self-developed on the basis of ten years of R&D strength accumulation. “As a leading player in global energy storage market, SOFAR has been recognized by customers worldwide. Furthermore, in collaboration with TÜV Rheinland, we have embarked on the development of the utility ESS white paper. We are excited for what is to come while focusing on delivering advanced technological breakthroughs to build up a more sustainable society for all,” he added.

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