Israel Land Authority Invites Bids For Solar Energy Production Facility In Naot Hovav

Representational image. Credit: Canva

The Israel Land Authority has recently published an online tender inviting bids for the purchase of lease rights in four complexes to construct a solar energy production facility in Naot Hovav. Interested parties can now participate in this significant opportunity to contribute to the country’s renewable energy goals.


The tender includes the following complexes:

  1. Complex: 1001A Court: 39778 Block
  2. Complex: 1001B Court: 39778 Block
  3. Complex: 1002M Court: 39775 10015502 Block
  4. Complex: 1002E Court: 39775 10015502 Block

The tender offers lease opportunities for approximately 28,000 acres (11,331 hectares) of land in the Negev desert.


These complexes are part of plan 621-0479709, situated within the Ramat Bekaa special industrial zone. Spanning an area of approximately 112,838 dunams between highways 40 and 25, the plan encompasses the “Ramat Bekaa” complex, which serves as a dedicated industrial zone for defence industries and experimental areas. It provides space for engineering, industrial and craft facilities, as well as roads and open spaces.

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The Israel Land Authority remains committed to advancing solar energy solutions in line with government policies. As part of this endeavour, the Authority is expected to release additional tenders in the near future to expand the availability of land for renewable energy projects, including agro-voltaic initiatives.

Interested parties must submit their offers via the online system by the deadline of August 20, 2023, precisely at 12:00 noon. Bidders are advised to stay updated on any tender-related changes through the Rami website until the closing date. Participation in the tender requires prior registration on the “Government Zemin” website.

With this tender, the Israel Land Authority paves the way for a greener and more sustainable energy future, fostering the growth of solar power generation in the region.

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