Sunview Group’s Subsidiary Fabulous Sunview Partners With Huawei Technologies For Renewable Energy Collaboration

A file photo of Sunview Group's Subsidiary Fabulous Sunview Partners with Huawei Technologies Malaysia for Renewable Energy Collaboration

Sunview Group’s subsidiary, Fabulous Sunview, has signed an MOU with Huawei Technologies Malaysia to collaborate on renewable energy for the next 12 months.


Through this partnership, Sunview hopes to be able to help more Malaysian businesses make the switch to using renewable energy.

The MOU represents a strategic partnership between Fabulous Sunview and Huawei, aimed at jointly addressing the growing demands of the market and exploring new avenues of growth.


By combining their capabilities and knowledge, the two companies are poised to contribute to the advancement of sustainable technologies and infrastructure solutions.

Sunview is an investment holding company. Through its subsidiaries, Sunview is principally involved in the provision of engineering, procurement, and commissioning of solar photovoltaic facilities for industrial, commercial, and residential buildings, solar PV and installation services, solar power generation and supply as well as associated products and services to complement the Group’s core services.

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