Israeli Minister Katz And US Envoy Kerry Unite For Sustainability

A file photo of Israeli Minister Katz And US Envoy Kerry Unite For Sustainability

In a significant development aimed at promoting regional cooperation and addressing climate change concerns, Israeli Minister of Energy and Infrastructure, Israel Katz, met with US Presidential Envoy John Kerry on Monday. The meeting focused on advancing the “Prosperity Green” and “Prosperity Blue” projects, as well as fostering strategic collaboration among Israel, the United States, the United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.), and Jordan.


The meeting between Minister Katz and Envoy Kerry came after a productive telephone conversation earlier this week, during which they discussed various topics, including the aforementioned projects. Both “Prosperity Green” and “Prosperity Blue” are integral components leading up to the COP28 climate conference scheduled to take place in Dubai later this year.

The ambitious “Prosperity Green” initiative aims to enable Israel to purchase electricity from Jordan, leveraging the latter’s renewable energy resources. This collaboration not only strengthens energy ties but also contributes to the transition towards cleaner and more sustainable power sources. Meanwhile, the “Prosperity Blue” project focuses on selling water resources to Jordan, fostering water security and resource management in the region.

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The meeting witnessed the presence of prominent officials, including Koby Blitstein, the CEO of the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure, Amir Shavit, Chairman of the Electricity Authority, retired Lt. General Asher Ben Lulu, who manages the Prosperity Agreement Project, and experts from the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure.

Expressing gratitude for the constructive discussions, Minister Katz thanked Envoy Kerry for his dedication to promoting the Prosperity agreements, which are set to culminate in a historic pact between Israel, the United States, the U.A.E., and Jordan. Minister Katz emphasized the significance of the Abraham Accords, which showcased Israel’s strength in the region and hold immense potential for a prosperous future in the Middle East.

The strategic cooperation among Israel, the United States, the U.A.E., and Jordan signifies a new chapter in regional collaboration, fostering diplomatic ties and addressing critical challenges such as climate change. By leveraging each country’s strengths and resources, this partnership aims to build a more sustainable and resilient future for the region while unlocking untapped potential for economic growth and prosperity.

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The meeting between Minister Katz and Envoy Kerry sets the stage for continued efforts in realizing the goals outlined in the Prosperity agreements. As preparations for the COP28 climate conference gain momentum, the collaboration among these nations holds the promise of driving meaningful change and forging a path towards a greener and more prosperous Middle East.

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