International Solar Alliance’s Standing Committee Focuses on Solar Energy Transition and Global Collaboration


In a significant meeting held in New Delhi, the eighth session of the Standing Committee of the International Solar Alliance (ISA) convened under the leadership of Union Minister for Power and New & Renewable Energy, R. K. Singh. The committee, with the participation of member countries both in person and online, addressed crucial aspects related to the ISA’s initiatives and future plans.


The meeting primarily emphasized the progress of ISA Demonstration Projects, the ISA Solar Technology Application Resource Centre (STAR-C), the ISA SolarX Start-up Challenge, the ISA Solar Finance Facility, and preparations for upcoming events such as the Ninth Meeting of the ISA Standing Committee and the Sixth Session of the ISA Assembly.

Highlighting the significance of transitioning to renewable energy, Minister R. K. Singh affirmed that the global energy landscape is rapidly evolving, with renewables playing a pivotal role. He stressed the pivotal role of solar energy in achieving this transition, considering its substantial growth and expanding applications in various sectors. The minister expressed confidence that solar PV technology, including productive use applications and surface-integrated solar cells, would continue to drive progress in distributed energy solutions.

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Furthermore, the minister acknowledged the continuous efforts of the ISA in promoting solar energy transition worldwide. He cited several ISA initiatives such as the Solar Finance Facility, SolarX Grand Challenge, Solar Technology Application Resource Centres, and the One Sun One World One Grid Initiative as key contributors to a greener and more sustainable future. He also urged the need for greater global cooperation, particularly in supporting the least developed countries’ access to clean energy and addressing climate challenges.

During the meeting, France, serving as the Co-President of the ISA Assembly, emphasized the urgency of phasing out fossil fuels and scaling up renewables. The French representative commended India’s leadership in the ISA and highlighted the organization’s critical role in achieving the objectives of COP28. France pledged its support for ISA’s priorities, particularly in capacity building and mobilizing investment in solar energy.

The meeting concluded with a call for accelerated worldwide investment in solar energy and increased contributions to green funds, specifically targeting African countries. The ISA intends to continue its proactive approach in spearheading solar projects and expanding access to clean energy globally, leading to a substantial reduction in the number of people without reliable electricity.

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In summary, the ISA’s eighth Standing Committee meeting showcased the organization’s commitment to solar energy transition and emphasized the importance of international collaboration in achieving sustainable development goals.

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