Karnataka Electricity Regulatory Commission Clarifies Rules for Green Energy Open Access

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The Karnataka Electricity Regulatory Commission (KERC) has issued clarifications on various rules in the state’s Terms and Conditions for Green Energy Open Access Regulations 2022.


The clarifications address concerns raised by stakeholders regarding time-of-day settlement, open access charges, and energy adjustment priority.

The new regulations allow for the utilization of energy banked during peak and off-peak periods, with specific charges applicable for different transactions. The Commission has also clarified the billing priority for energy purchased from various sources and the charges to be paid by consumers under the wheeling and banking agreement.


Additionally, the KERC has outlined the charges applicable for intrastate wheeling of energy and the methodology for determining open access charges.

These regulations aim to streamline the process of renewable energy adoption and align with the Ministry of Power’s guidelines. The recent draft amendments proposed by KERC further seek to align with the state’s Green Energy Open Access Regulations.

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