PVH Unveils its Latest Innovation, DBOX5, a Revolutionary Breakthrough in Solar Tracking Systems


PVH has unveiled DBOX5, a next-generation solar controller that promises to enhance the efficiency of photovoltaic installations. The DBOX5 is a revolutionary advancement in solar tracking systems, that brings together state-of-the-art technology, advanced communication capabilities, and a cutting-edge design. By integrating the features of the latest grid control units and innovative terrain-adaptive trackers, the DBOX5 offers a comprehensive and entirely revamped plant control system for optimized performance.


DBOX5 is engineered for enhanced durability and ruggedness. It features LTO batteries known for their ability to withstand extreme weather conditions. Combined with its integral and robust design, the DBOX5 stands as PVH’s most resilient controller to date. The addition of new hardware and firmware design also helps DBOX5 to achieve a 75% reduction in standby power consumption, significantly upping its autonomy. DBOX5 is built to withstand even the most challenging environmental conditions and deliver reliable performance.

DBOX5 is also equipped with the latest generation of LoRa radio transceivers, offering an extended connectivity range for solar plants regardless of their size. This cutting-edge wireless communication system is designed to withstand interference from solar plant materials and devices, ensuring optimal connectivity. With a comprehensive end-to-end cybersecurity system, the DBOX5 can deliver maximum reliability, resilience, and security.

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The DBOX5 also features a revamped and simplified interface with fewer connectors, along with a quick and convenient mounting system that makes installation effortless. The setup and installation process is made simple and intuitive through a newly developed control App, available for both Android and iOS. The interface also integrates NFC technology that allows users to exercise detailed local control and monitoring.

PVH has received certification according to the international cybersecurity standard IEC62443-4-1, reinforcing the development of secure products. The DBOX5 is a unique, self-contained product with an innovative hardware-based security system that only authorized software can run. It has a tamper-proof section to store cryptographic keys.

The goal of creating the DBOX5 was to enhance its capabilities while also delivering a better product for both end-users and the world. PVH manufactures and assembles the DBOX5 in-house, offering a single product that is ready to be shipped. This streamlined process significantly reduces the need for transporting individual components and on-field assembly hours. As a result, the DBOX5 has reduced its carbon footprint by 18% compared to previous devices.

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With its superior wireless technology, rugged construction, robust cybersecurity features, and commitment to sustainability, the DBOX5 redefines efficiency and connectivity when it comes to solar installations.

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