SOFAR Unveils Groundbreaking Microinverter System to Meet Home Energy Demands


SOFAR, a leading global supplier of PV & ESS solutions, debuted its groundbreaking microinverter system, SOFAR PowerNano, at the Powering Forward New Product Launch.


PowerNano is designed to cater to digital home energy needs, offering a comprehensive solution that combines microinverter technology, a smart home hub, and AC battery capabilities. It is versatile, easy to distribute, install, and use, maximizing the return on investment for residential solar PV installations.

The PowerNano microinverter system lineup comprises three solutions: 1-in-1 (MR500), 2-in-1 (MR600, MR800, MR1000), and 4-in-1 (MR1600, MR2000, MR2400). By seamlessly integrating solar and battery energy storage (BESS), PowerNano adapts to various applications, including plug-in solar systems, residential grid-connected systems, and residential energy storage systems. With the added benefit of ESS, PowerNano also ensures stable backup power during power outages, mitigating potential economic losses and improving the consumption rate while reducing electricity bills.


Safety is a key feature of PowerNano. The microinverter guarantees a DC voltage of less than 60V, eliminating the risk of DC arcing and making it safe for households with children and pets. Equipped with rapid shutdown (RSD) and IP67 certification, PowerNano has an improved lifespan of 25 years.

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PowerNano also optimizes energy yields by addressing the mismatch issues that usually crop up with multi-orientation PV modules. Each module operates independently with module-level maximum power point tracking (MPPT), ensuring no mismatch within the microinverter system. PowerNano is also fully compatible with high-power PV modules of 182/210mm, resulting in a 5% increase in energy yields.

Installation and operation of PowerNano are hassle-free and suitable for both balcony and rooftop installations. The system has a plug-and-play design, enabling users to conveniently implement smart energy management and monitor system performance remotely using their mobile phones.

PowerNano has been able to leverage its expertise and enter into various partnerships, as evidenced by MOUs signed with PowR Group, Elicity, PV Selected, and Vögelin GmbH. These collaborations indicate SOFAR’s influence in the residential microinverter sector, marking a significant milestone in the company’s journey towards enabling an affordable and net-zero lifestyle for all.

Guy Rong, Senior Vice President of SOFAR, believes that SOFAR PowerNano is a landmark step towards global net-zero goals through a greener lifestyle for individuals and families. “The launch of PowerNano demonstrates our commitment to accelerating the adoption of solar and to support homeowners in gaining clean energy independence. By leveraging our R&D capacity, we hope to continue innovation and bring forth solutions to build a sustainable future for all,” he further added.

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