Al Buraimi Governorate Unveils Solar Power Stations For Sa’ra And Falaj Al Buraimi Wells

Representational image. Credit: Canva

The Al Buraimi Governorate inaugurated solar power stations for the auxiliary wells of Sa’ra as well as Falaj Al Buraimi, a project supported by OQ and the Office of the Wali of Al Buraimi.


The project comprises five solar power stations: Zaroub with a capacity of 80 kilowatts, Market Station with 18 kilowatts, Sharia Station with 12 kilowatts, Ghuraifa North Station with 23 kilowatts, and Ghuraifa South Station with 23 kilowatts. The total productivity reached 12 kW.

Sheikh Dr Faisal bin Saleh Al-Maskari, Deputy Wali of Al-Buraimi, expressed his pride in this significant achievement and commended the determination and efforts of the people of Al-Buraimi in making it a reality.


Talib bin Ahmed Al-Jabri, an agent of Falaj Sa’ra, highlighted the benefits of the project, including reduced electricity bills for wells, stable power supply, and the utilization of renewable solar energy for Aflaj operation.

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