Risen Energy and Athein Sign 1GW HJT Module Supply Agreement

Signing Ceremony

Risen Energy Co., Ltd., a prominent solar company with vertical integration, has entered into a supply agreement with Athein Holding Pte Ltd, an independent power producer (IPP) platform company based in Singapore. Under this agreement, Risen Energy will supply Athein Holding Pte Ltd with advanced Heterojunction with Intrinsic Thin layer (HJT) photovoltaic modules, totaling up to 1 GWp. This collaboration solidifies Risen Energy’s standing as a frontrunner in HJT technology and underscores their commitment to renewable energy innovation.


Athein Holding Pte Ltd, an independent power producer (IPP) platform company operating in Southeast Asia and India, plays a pivotal role in advancing the growth of renewable energy infrastructure in these regions. In support of Athein Holding’s mission to acquire, develop, construct, and manage large-scale and rooftop solar projects, Risen Energy Co., Ltd. has joined forces with the company. This collaboration allows Risen Energy to actively contribute to the realization of Athein Holding’s vision. By supplying cutting-edge Heterojunction with Intrinsic Thin layer (HJT) photovoltaic modules, Risen Energy not only demonstrates its commitment to fostering clean energy solutions but also reinforces its dedication to creating a sustainable future globally.

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Risen Energy, a leading player in HJT technology, excels in delivering advanced PV modules that combine exceptional efficiency and long-term reliability. This cutting-edge technology outperforms traditional PV modules, showcasing its superior performance and minimal degradation. As a global leader in HJT technology, Risen Energy is ideally positioned to cater to the specific needs of Athein Holding Pte Ltd, supporting their expansion efforts across the APAC regions and the Indian market. Beyond supplying high-quality HJT PV modules, Risen Energy goes the extra mile by providing comprehensive services such as technical support, training, and after-sales assistance. This holistic approach ensures a seamless experience for Athein Holding Pte Ltd throughout their renewable energy journey.


Milan Koev, the CEO of Athein, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, “Risen Energy’s HJT modules open up new possibilities for us to meet the increasing global demand for clean energy solutions. This partnership is a significant milestone for Athein as we solidify our leadership in the renewable energy industry.”

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B.V. Chaudary, the Chief Sales and Marketing Officer (CSMO) of Risen Energy, shared his excitement about the strategic partnership with Athein, stating, “We are thrilled to join forces with Athein in our ongoing efforts to drive the development of renewable energy technology worldwide. Through this collaboration, we are confident that our high-quality and reliable HJT PV modules will assist Athein in achieving their renewable energy objectives and contribute to the overall growth of the industry.”

This supply agreement reaffirms Risen Energy’s position as a frontrunner in HJT technology and highlights their dedication to delivering innovative and sustainable solutions to customers globally. By collaborating with visionary companies such as Athein Holding Pte Ltd, Risen Energy is well-equipped to accelerate the adoption of clean and sustainable energy solutions worldwide.

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