Sun’Agri and RWE Come Together to Expedite the Development of Agri PV in France

Representational image. Credit: Canva

Sun’Agri and RWE entered into a strategic partnership to speed up the advancement of Agri-PV in France. Sun’Agri is a pioneer in the field of agricultural photovoltaics, while RWE is a major player in renewable energies. Together, they plan to undertake new projects that combine agriculture and green electricity production. The focus of this partnership will be to support the practical implementation of integrated solutions for cultivating fruits, vegetables, and wine.


Agri-PV offers protection to agricultural crops against the impacts of climate change by utilizing movable solar panels placed right above the crops. These panels are situated at a height that allows farm machinery to pass. The custom-designed algorithms control the solar panels, enabling them to adjust their tilt based on the plants’ sunlight requirements or provide shade as needed. This not only optimizes crop growth but also mitigates losses caused by extreme weather conditions like frost, hail, or excessive heat.

Sun’Agri has devoted 15 years of agricultural research to develop its patented technology and has successfully implemented it on over twenty farms in France. This technology has been deployed on a wide range of crops including fruits, vegetables, and grapes, providing direct support to farmers. Additionally, Sun’Agri is currently in the process of expanding its projects internationally. Sun’Agri also wants to make the technology accessible to support agricultural transitions and adaptation strategies impacted by climate change. They want to accelerate the adoption of Agri-PV across regions and crops that are particularly affected by climate change.

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RWE is the fourth-largest onshore wind and solar power producer in Europe and the United States. It employs over 200 individuals in France and operates local offices in close proximity to its project areas. By investing in intelligent solutions designed for Agri-PV, RWE reaffirms its commitment to solar energy and support for energy transition.

Cécile Magherini, Director of Sun’Agri, said, “I’m delighted to enter into this partnership with RWE, a company that is committed to Agri-PV. Together, we aim to create a strong synergy between agriculture and green electricity production. This collaboration is in perfect harmony with our CSR policy and we will intensify our impact by combining our expertise. I am looking forward to our teams getting down to work.”

Katja Wünschel, CEO RWE Renewables Europe & Australia, added, “All the scenarios to electrify our economy are converging towards a significant increase in the number of solar farms installed in France. RWE is committed to making a major contribution to growing this important source of energy. Strong cooperation with players in the agricultural sector will play an important part in forging ahead with the implementation of solar projects. Agri-PV is an integrated part of the RWE Group’s strategy in France, with solar power plants designed from the outset to meet the needs of the agriculture sector.”

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