EDF’s 40 MW Solar Project Goes Live In Israel

Representational image. Credit: Canva

Israel has commenced operations of its fourth solar energy farm located in the Negev Desert at Ashalim, offering electricity at a remarkably low price in the market. The photovoltaic panels will generate power at 8 agorot (2.2 cents) per kilowatt hour, significantly cheaper than other solar energy plants in the country. The rate is also lower than similar projects worldwide and even beats the price of electricity generated using fossil fuels.


The Israeli government, along with relevant ministries and authorities, announced the completion of construction at the Ashalim solar power plant and its connection to the national grid. The project is part of the country’s commitment to renewable energy, aiming to generate 30% of its electricity from solar energy by 2030, replacing coal usage.

Ashalim Solar Park Ltd., led by EDF Renewables’ Israeli branch, secured the government tender for constructing and operating the 40 MW photovoltaic solar power plant. The facility has now obtained a permanent production license to begin commercial operation.

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Ashalim already hosts two thermo-solar power fields and one photovoltaic plant. Together with the newly operational photovoltaic field, the Ashalim stations will collectively generate over 300 MW of electricity annually.

The government is actively advancing additional solar projects, including a 100 MW generation capacity solar farm in Ashalim and a 300 MW capacity solar complex near Dimona, with a combined power generation scope of over 700 MW.

EDF Renewables recently secured a financing deal with the Harel Group for seven solar energy projects in Israel, with a total capacity of 189 MW. This development marks a significant step in the country’s transition towards clean and competitive electricity generation from renewable sources.

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