JERA And Public Investment Fund Join Forces To Drive Green Hydrogen Projects And Derivatives

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JERA and the Public Investment Fund (PIF) have joined forces to drive the development of green hydrogen projects and derivatives, signing a significant Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to foster cooperation between the two entities.


The MOU, officially signed by Yuichiro Kato, Executive Officer, Head of the LCF Value Chain Division at JERA, and Yazeed Alhumied, Deputy Governor and Head of MENA Investments at PIF, marks the beginning of their collaboration in exploring the potential for Green Hydrogen and derivatives projects. Their joint efforts are aimed at supporting both domestic and international markets in the drive towards sustainable and renewable energy solutions.


JERA, a leading energy company, has taken significant steps towards its commitment to decarbonization. Last year, the company established JERA Middle East & Africa Management Co. Ltd. in Dubai, UAE, to focus on developing combined cycle power plants, large-scale renewable energy projects, and green fuel production initiatives. With ongoing gas-fired power and desalination projects in the GCC region, JERA is actively seeking potential partners in the Middle East to expand its portfolio of decarbonization projects.

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Meanwhile, PIF plays a vital role in advancing Saudi Arabia’s economic transformation and diversification strategy. As part of its commitment to the nation’s net-zero target by 2060, PIF is actively investing in various sectors, including Green Hydrogen, Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency, and Waste Management. The MOU with JERA opens up opportunities for synergies and cooperation between the two entities, enabling the joint development of green hydrogen derivatives such as ammonia, primarily for exports from Saudi Arabia. This partnership is expected to create new business opportunities for both JERA and PIF.

JERA sees the Middle East & Africa regions as a promising production base for green hydrogen and ammonia due to their abundant renewable energy resources. As part of its ambitious goal to achieve “JERA Zero CO2 Emissions 2050,” the company will continue working with leading companies worldwide to establish and expand supply chains for hydrogen and ammonia, contributing significantly to global decarbonization and sustainable energy solutions.

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