Joint Electricity Regulatory Commission Extends Applicability of Renewable Energy Tariff Regulations

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In a recent development, the Joint Electricity Regulatory Commission for the state of Goa and Union Territories (UTs) has issued a notification extending the applicability of the “Renewable Energy Tariff Regulation, 2019.” The original regulations were applicable up to 23rd July 2022 and were subsequently extended until 23rd July 2023.


The extension comes in pursuance of Regulation 5 of the Renewable Energy Tariff Regulations, 2019. As per the newly issued order, the period of applicability of the said regulations is further extended until either further orders are issued by the Commission or until the notification of the new “Terms and Conditions for Tariff Determination from Renewable Energy Sources Regulations,” whichever occurs earlier.

The “Renewable Energy Tariff Regulation, 2019” lays down the terms and conditions for tariff determination from renewable energy sources in the region covered by the Joint Electricity Regulatory Commission. These regulations play a crucial role in fostering the growth and adoption of renewable energy in the state of Goa and Union Territories.

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With the extension of the current regulations, businesses and stakeholders involved in renewable energy projects can continue operating under the existing framework while awaiting the potential introduction of updated guidelines. This move ensures continuity and stability for the renewable energy sector during the transitional phase.

The Joint Electricity Regulatory Commission’s decision to extend the applicability of the “Renewable Energy Tariff Regulation, 2019” showcases the Commission’s commitment to promoting renewable energy initiatives and creating a conducive environment for clean energy development.

This extension may facilitate the growth of renewable energy projects in the region, encouraging investments in sustainable energy sources and supporting India’s efforts towards achieving its renewable energy targets. Stakeholders are encouraged to monitor further updates from the Commission regarding the introduction of new “Terms and Conditions for Tariff Determination from Renewable Energy Sources Regulations.”

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