GoodWe Eco Smart Tour in Poland & Czech Republic – Embracing Innovations in Action!


Solar energy is one of the cleanest and most sustainable sources of energy. GoodWe, a leading provider of hybrid inverters and energy storage solutions, together with Eco Smart Tour, introduces innovative solutions that transform the way we harness solar energy.


What is Eco Smart Tour?

Solar energy has become a dominant player in the energy market. With its widespread availability and environmental benefits, solar energy is constantly evolving, driven by technological advancements and innovative trends. Eco Smart Tour is an event that has been organized since 2021, taking place in several European countries, South America, and Australia, and is hosted by GoodWe, the manufacturer of photovoltaic inverters and energy storage systems.


Eco Smart Tour is not only an opportunity to learn about the latest trends and technologies in solar energy but also provides an interactive platform for photovoltaic installers. During this event, GoodWe’s mobile showroom visits different locations, allowing participants to familiarize themselves with new solutions and delve into technical nuances.

“Our GoodWe mobile showroom has already traveled thousands of kilometers, visiting not only Poland and the Czech Republic but also the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France, Spain, Italy, Greece, and many other countries in the EMEA region. The GoodWe Eco Smart Tour is proof that manufacturer presentations and training can be engaging and full of energy. We use this time to build relationships in a more relaxed and informal environment, while also engaging in activities for the common good through various socially responsible initiatives accompanying the entire tour” – adds Orysya Levchenko, Marketing Manager of GoodWe in the CEE region.

The Spring Edition of Eco Smart Tour in Central Europe

From mid-May to June 2nd, Eco Smart Tour visited seven locations in Poland and the Czech Republic, attracting over 300 solar energy enthusiasts who were also installers and advisors.

“The devices for energy storage garnered immense interest from the participants, where we integrate various solutions into one Eco Smart Home system, such as combining electric vehicle chargers, energy storage units, and additional load control. This integration allows for maximum utilization of solar energy and optimal management of available power” – says Cezary Wawrzos, Technical Sales Manager at GoodWe.

During the tour, we had the opportunity to visit several significant locations related to renewable energy. Our journey started at Krannich Polska in Poznań, where presentations on the latest energy storage products took place. We shared knowledge about the latest trends and had the chance to showcase practical examples of implementing these technologies.

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The next stage of our journey took us to Warsaw, where the presentations of GoodWe devices sparked great interest. Participants invited by Manitu Solar gained valuable insights into and had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the latest technologies and energy storage solutions that will aid them in further developing their installation projects. Among the attendees, the hybrid inverters of the ET series (15-30 kW) and the EV car charger, HCA, were particularly popular. Additionally, the energy storage systems of the LYNX HOME F PLUS+ series garnered significant attention, thanks to their growing popularity attributed to easy installation and seamless integration with GoodWe inverters.

The Spring Renewable Energy Forum

The stop in Serock, by the beautiful Narew River, was undoubtedly an unforgettable experience. Throughout the day, filled with information and excitement, we presented the Eco Smart Home concept among other speakers representing PV module manufacturers – LONGI, heat pump providers – Kensol, ecological modular home builders – Keno Home, and even a bank – BNP Paribas, which offers favorable credits for building thermomodernization. Participants, invited by KENO, who gathered from all over the Mazovia region, not only learned about the latest devices and comprehensive solutions but also about the installation process, remote management, as well as the potential environmental benefits and the complexity of the current power grid situation.

After an intense day, we enjoyed a well-organized paintball game. Oh, what excitement, effort, and fun it was! The flag battle sent shivers down our spines and, at times, seemed quite daunting. Fortunately, it was all just good-natured fun!

Małopolska showed us how to have a great time

In the southern part of Poland, we made a stop in Nieciecza near Tarnów, where the highlight of the day was the training conducted by our experts. However, the organizers from AVRII rose to the occasion, providing participants with a vast open-air space that had a truly vacation-like atmosphere with sun loungers, delicious food, refreshing drinks, a lively photo booth, and a talented DJ. It allowed us to spend time integrating, exchanging experiences, and making connections.

For many installers attending the event, one of the most exciting parts of the program was the opportunity to visit the football stadium of the Bruk-Bet Nieciecza team, with its real turf, and take commemorative photos. Undoubtedly, the most anticipated attraction of the day was the football match between the GoodWe and AVRII teams.

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Emotions were running high, and the positive energy among the fans was cheering on both teams! Not only did we get to see the sporting side of the installers, but we also had the chance to award numerous prizes for dedication and determination. It was a true testament that teamwork brings great results. The entire event was filled with attractions, but the most important aspect for us was the space for mutual conversations and sharing knowledge. Thanks to your presence, we could share experiences and exchange ideas and inspirations.

Substantive and Charitable – Eco Smart Tour in Tomaszowice

Together with BayWa r.e. and novotegra, we organized a stop at the beautiful Dwór in Tomaszowice, near Krakow. This collaboration allowed us to cover a wide range of topics related to photovoltaics. We discussed the latest innovations in energy storage, mounting systems for every type of roof, as well as planning and monitoring applications. We put our practical knowledge and skills to use during a special CSR event. As a result, 10 new kennels were provided to the Animal Shelter Foundation in Borek. This emphasizes the importance we place on engaging in socially responsible practices. The Krakow Eco Smart Tour concluded with a shared barbecue on the terrace, creating a memorable and enjoyable ending to the event.

Direction: Czech Republic!

After the Polish stop during Eco Smart Tour, we headed to visit Baywa r.e. – one of our Czech distributors in Frydek-Mistek. There, we had the opportunity to present our energy storage solutions and technologies, as well as showcase the potential of these solutions for the future of our environment. It was a fascinating visit where we got to know our service team and project group better, who introduced us to the energy potential of the Czech Republic. We learned about how photovoltaics operate there and the benefits they bring to local communities.

During the visit, we even had a chance to play solar pong on a table made from PV modules and indulge in delicious local specialties prepared with regional potatoes. To top it off, we enjoyed a limited edition of GW beer from a nearby microbrewery. It was an enriching experience that allowed us to understand the energy landscape in the Czech Republic and strengthen our collaboration with Baywa r.e.

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GoodWe Eco Smart Tour is an incredible opportunity to meet not only our distributors but also our product end-users, who often provide valuable insights on how we can improve despite the maturity of our products. The ability to hear direct feedback about our products is the greatest value for me during these meetings. Today, we operate in a challenging market, which is still in a state of flux between the traditional on-grid photovoltaic market and the new PV 2.0 market of multi-purpose photovoltaics, with the potential for integration with other devices such as energy storage units, electric vehicle chargers, or home automation” – comments Daniel Moczulski, CEE Territory Manager.

Another capital city on the Eco Smart Tour route!

Despite the cloudy welcome in Prague, the atmosphere at the event held in the Baywa r.e. headquarters was vibrant and enthusiastic. In addition to the lectures and presentations that accompanied us throughout the tour, we had the opportunity to meet solar energy experts who generously shared their knowledge and experience. After the training sessions, attendees had the chance to ask questions and engage in discussions about crucial issues related to renewable energy.

We were pleased to observe the high level of interest in our hybrid inverters from the ET PLUS series, especially when combined with energy storage LYNX HOME F PLUS+. It was evident that installers were excited to explore the well-equipped showroom and compete in solar-pong matches in the open air. The enthusiasm and engagement of participants made the event in Prague truly special.

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