Iran Small Industries And Industrial Parks Organization Approves Solar Park Development

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In a significant meeting of the Board of Directors of the Iran Small Industries and Industrial Parks Organization, the theme “Inflation Control and Production Growth” took center stage. During this meeting, the creation of a specialized industrial town in Kerman Province and a district industry in Semnan Province received approval from the General Assembly of the Provinces Industrial Towns Company.


One notable project that got the green light is the establishment of the Sirjan solar energy specialized industrial town, making it the fourth approved town dedicated to solar energy development. With an extensive area of 506 hectares in Sirjan City of Kerman province, this new industrial town aims to facilitate the establishment of small-scale power plants generating electricity from renewable sources.


Similarly, the creation of the Daman Koh industrial area spread across 30.6 hectares in Damghan City, Semnan province, will also cater to the needs and demands of the region.


By developing these towns and industrial areas, the total land area available to the country’s towns and industrial zones will increase by 536 hectares. This expansion is expected to attract investors, paving the way for the creation of stable job opportunities. It is estimated that an initial investment of 42,000 billion Rials will lead to the direct employment of 3500 individuals.

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In the previous years, the organization has been actively focusing on industrial land development. During the years 2021 and 2022, the industrial land area witnessed a substantial growth of more than 280 per cent compared to 2019 figures. More than 13,000 hectares were added to the overall industrial land area, which was subsequently offered to entrepreneurs and investors in line with relevant regulations and approved programs.

Furthermore, Iran’s Small Industries and Industrial Towns Organization, along with its affiliated provincial companies, boasts an impressive portfolio. It currently operates 858 towns and industrial zones and six special economic zones, providing direct employment to over 1 million individuals across the country. The organization has played a pivotal role in fostering a robust industrial ecosystem in Iran, empowering local businesses, and driving economic progress in the nation.

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