Rapid Shutdown within 20 Seconds? Sungrow Wins Security Award! 


The safety of a photovoltaic system should be a priority for both the investor and the producers. Sungrow, one of the leaders in the photovoltaic industry, always puts safety first. No wonder the company created an innovative technology for rapid shutdown of PV systems in case of emergency. Most recently, Sungrow won the Safety and Security Award with its power optimizer’s rapid shutdown function.


The Firefighting Congress FIRE SECURITY EXPO 2023 was held at the PGE Narodowy Stadium in Warsaw. It is one of the largest and most well-known events of the fire protection and security industry in Poland. During the Congress, it was possible to get acquainted with the latest technologies and solutions in the field of fire safety. The issues discussed during the event are also extremely important for the safety of the use of photovoltaic systems. Sungrow is undoubtedly an industry pioneer in PV system safety. The company can boast an innovative technology, the rapid shutdown, which was recognized at the Congress.

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Instant security system


Although fires in photovoltaic systems are extremely rare, the issue of safety cannot be ignored. Especially, it makes it more challenging for firefighting with potential safety risks arising from high DC voltage.

Sungrow power optimizers are equipped with a rapid shutdown function. In the event of a fire, it allows the voltage to be reduced to a safe level of 1 V per module in just 20 seconds. Power optimizers from Sungrow can work for photovoltaic chains, which consist of up to 30 modules. So, in case of a dangerous situation, the voltage of the panels will drop to a maximum of 30 V. Thanks to the voltage reduction, it is possible to extinguish the fire. This is difficult in PV installations without a rapid shutdown function, because extinguishing live electrical equipment is forbidden. During a firefighting operation, the primary task of firefighters is to disconnect the photovoltaic system. This reduces the risk of electric shock. The solution presented by Sungrow makes it much easier to carry out the whole operation in a safe way.

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The power optimizer also has other interesting features. For example, if the system detects an electric arc, the device has the ability to automatically shut down the entire system within 20 seconds. The rapid function is also used when the user wants to actively shut down the installation. Although there is no risk, using this option makes the whole process much easier and safer. The power optimizer from Sungrow is also a guarantee of high quality. This device allows to increase the power generation from the PV plant by up to 30% and reduce losses already at the level of a single module. The company has created a product that is also extremely easy to assemble. Installation of the Sungrow power optimizer takes only 30 seconds! This is possible thanks to the use of plug & play technology.

Sungrow has always put safety first, which makes it a leader in this area for years. This caught the attention of the organizers of the Fire Congress FIRE SECURITY EXPO 2023. They decided to reward the innovative solution, which allows you to shut down the PV system in just 20 seconds. This is definitely a step towards increasing the safety of the use of the system, which in turn may influence the even greater diffusion of photovoltaics in the world.

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