Sunview Group’s Subsidiaries Chosen As Solar Power Producers For Malaysia’s Corporate Green Power Programme

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Sunview Group Berhad, a prominent player in the renewable energy sector focusing on engineering, procurement, construction, and commissioning (EPCC), has announced a major achievement for its subsidiaries, Fabulous Sunview Sdn. Bhd. and Solarcity REIT Sdn. Bhd. Both entities have been chosen as solar power producers (SPPs) under Malaysia’s Corporate Green Power Programme (CGPP).


Solarcity REIT Sdn. Bhd. has secured a significant position within the CGPP as one of the 22 entities selected to become a solar power producer. With this selection, the company has been allocated an export capacity of 29.99 megawatts (MWac), which represents the maximum capacity assigned to any SPP within the program.

In another noteworthy development, Fabulous Sunview Sdn. Bhd. has joined forces with JAKS Solar Power Sdn. Bhd. and Ann Joo Green Energy Sdn. Bhd. to form a consortium. Through this consortium, Fabulous Sunview Sdn. Bhd. has also earned an allocated export capacity of 29.99 MWac under the CGPP.


The Energy Commission of Malaysia recently revealed that out of the 71 applicants vying to become solar power producers, 22 were successfully selected. Collectively, these entities have been allocated an export capacity of 563.42 MWac. It’s worth noting that a remaining allocation quota of 236.58 MWac remains unassigned from the total quota of 800 MWac.

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Selected SPPs are now required to submit their applications to the Single Buyer for participation in the NEDA program within three months of the Letter of Notification.

Commenting on this achievement, Ong Hang Ping, the Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director of Sunview Group expressed optimism about securing additional projects under the CGPP initiative. With the belief that the balance quota of 236.58 MWac will be tendered, Sunview Group is well-positioned to further its success in the renewable energy sector. Leveraging its extensive experience and proven track record in EPCC and related activities, the Group sees ample opportunities ahead in driving the adoption of renewable energy.

This milestone marks Sunview Group’s significant contribution to Malaysia’s transition to sustainable energy sources and underscores the Group’s commitment to fostering a greener future.

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