Sungrow Releases Utility-scale PV 5A Solution White Paper


The race for carbon neutrality has sparked a remarkable surge in adopting renewable energy, particularly in the PV industry. This sector has experienced rapid growth in capacity and technological advancements.


Predictions from BNEF indicate that the global newly installed PV capacity will surpass 350 GW in 2023 and is projected to reach nearly 700 GW by 2030. Notably, utility-scale PV systems are set to dominate with over 50% of the total PV installed capacity worldwide, outranking other applications.


However, utility-scale PV plants confront mounting challenges:

  • Expanding into unconventional geographical settings such as deserts, gobi, hills, mudflats, and offshore areas has heightened safety requirements for PV plants.
  • The capacity of individual utility-scale PV plants is steadily increasing while on-grid electricity prices continue to decline.
  • The rapid rise in renewable energy adoption, exceeding 50% in some regions, presents a significant hurdle to stable power grid operation. 

The emerging market demands drive a fresh wave of technological evolution, propelling utility-scale PV plant development into a new era.

To address the complexities of PV advancement, Sungrow has introduced the 5A solution: All-Scenario Application, All-Day Efficiency, All-Link Safety, All-Life Smart O&M, and All-Grid Support. The pioneering solution is based on the deep integration of devices, solutions, and applications by leveraging the circuit, semiconductor, heat dissipation, electromagnetics, computing, algorithm, AI, and security technologies. This pace-setting solution will fuel the expansive and high-quality growth of the utility-scale PV sector.

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