NTPC’s Green Hydrogen Mobility Project Takes Flight: India’s First Hydrogen Bus Embarks on Trial Run in Leh


In a groundbreaking move towards realizing a carbon-neutral Ladakh, the National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC) has launched the trial run of a hydrogen bus in Leh. This initiative, aimed at reducing the region’s carbon footprint, involves the establishment of a Hydrogen Fuelling Station, a Solar Plant, and the introduction of five Nos fuel cell buses to operate on intra-city routes within Leh.


Marking a historic milestone, the first hydrogen bus arrived in Leh on August 17th, embarking on a comprehensive three-month-long journey that encompasses field trials, roadworthiness assessments, and adherence to essential regulatory procedures. This achievement signifies India’s inaugural deployment of hydrogen buses on public roads.

Distinguished by its innovation, the Green Hydrogen Mobility Project stands at an elevation of 11,562 feet and is accompanied by a dedicated 1.7 MW solar plant, enhancing the project’s energy sustainability. The fuel cell buses are meticulously designed to navigate the challenges posed by sub-zero temperatures and the thin atmosphere characteristic of such high-altitude locations, making this project a pioneering venture.

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With a steadfast commitment to attaining 60 GW of Renewable Energy capacity by 2032, NTPC is positioning itself as a key participant in the realm of Green Hydrogen Technology and Energy Storage. The organization’s holistic approach towards decarbonization encompasses endeavors such as hydrogen blending, carbon capture technologies, electric vehicle integration, and the establishment of Smart NTPC townships. This stride towards sustainability underscores NTPC’s determination to drive positive environmental change.

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