Sungrow’s Intelligent MV Stations Successfully Pass IEC62271-202 Testing


Recently, Sungrow received the IEC62271-202 certification from TÜV Rheinland for its intelligent medium-voltage (MV) stations. This certification makes Sungrow the first one in the renewable energy sector to attain such recognition, affirming the impeccable safety and reliability of Sungrow’s MV products in alignment with the latest international standards.


IEC62271-202 stands as the testing benchmark formulated by the International Electrical Commission for the AC prefabricated substation. Designed to assess the safety and stability of the integrated MV system of the renewable energy domain, IEC62271-202 meticulously outlines parameters including dielectric strength, temperature elevation, short-time and peak withstand currents, protective measures, electromagnetic capability and circuit safety.


Boosting high-performance equipment and leading safety structure design, Sungrow’s intelligent MV stations have demonstrated exceptional prowess by effortlessly clearing over 20 IEC62271-202 tests in one go. This accomplishment underscores the elevated product capability of short-time current withstand and arc fault protection.


In addition, Sungrow’s tailor-made transformer and outdoor ring main unit (RMU) have also passed the IEC62271-202 arc fault test, providing robust safeguarding for personnel and equipment during fault occurrences. These advancements collectively fortify the enduring stability of the photovoltaic power generation system and further benefit customers.

Looking ahead, Sungrow will continue to advance technological evolution and foster global progress in energy transition with safer and more efficient solutions for intelligent MV stations.

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