Solar-Powered Water Pumping Station Enhances Supply For Syrian Desert Area

Representational image. Credit: Canva

In the city of Shahba, Suwayda, a water pumping station serving the desert area has been put into operation using solar energy, boasting a capacity of 65 horsepower. This initiative is a collaborative effort involving the Syrian Trust for Development, the Norwegian Refugee Council, the Southern Region Office, the General Corporation for Drinking Water, the Shahba City Council, and the local community.


Wael Al-Shariti, the Director General of the General Corporation for Drinking Water in Suwayda, emphasized the significance of this solar energy system. It enhances the electrical energy supply to the desert area pumping station, which draws water from the Shahba 1 and 2 wells, enabling continuous operation 24/7. As a result, the station’s daily water pumping capacity has increased from 300 to 850 cubic meters, benefiting approximately 7,000 people.

Firas Rakab, the Director of the Shahba Community Lighthouse of the Syrian Secretariat for Development, explained that the adoption of solar energy for operating the station is a part of the Shahba district’s development plan. This decision followed a thorough assessment of the area’s needs, with a primary focus on addressing the critical water supply requirements.


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