SOFAR Sparks Great Interest with Prime PV & ESS Solutions at RE+ 2023


SOFAR made its debut at RE+ with innovations tailored for utility and residential applications, indicating its intensified focus on the North American solar and storage market.


Across all segments of the RE industry, storage is expected to keep expanding rapidly. SOFAR introduces its flagship storage system PowerMaster, which harbors multiple revolutionary breakthroughs pioneering in the utility ESS sector, able to tackle pain points through increasing power yields at a lower cost, with a 3+2 safety system ensuring stable operation around the clock. Among all the highlights, the industry-leading hybrid cooling system reduces heat dissipation loss by about 30%. In addition, the modular design can expand single chamber storage capacity up to 3.93 MWh, ideal for diverse needs of capacity expansion.

Meanwhile, with microinverters being a popular alternative to common string inverters in North America, SOFAR PowerNano impresses the audience as a perfect match. As an all-in-one solution of microinverter, smart home hub, and AC battery, PowerNano offers a wide scalability which allows homeowners flexibility in terms of storage needs. The combination forms an efficient solar + storage system to optimize energy self-consumption and can be further improved by up to 5% in yields with 182/210mm PV modules, realizing seamless power continuity during outages and grid interruptions.

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Nick Wang, Head of SOFAR North America, sees this as a landmark step during the process of strategically establishing the company’s footprint in North America. “We’re accelerating the construction of a local service team to better serve the market. In the future, SOFAR will keep rolling out innovative solutions to make net-zero profitable for customers, advocating the clean transition and shaping a sustainable future in the continent,” he added.

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