Solis Showcases Full-Range Solutions at Malaysia’s IGEM Exhibition, Starring the Impressive Solis-110K-5G-Pro Inverter


Ginlong (Solis), the world’s 3rd largest PV inverter manufacturer, proudly participated in the Malaysia International Green Energy Exhibition (IGEM). During the exhibition, Solis showcased its full-range solutions, with a spotlight on the Solis-110K-5G-Pro inverter, which garnered significant attention and admiration from attendees on-site.


IGEM stands as a vital gathering for Malaysia’s green energy industry, drawing energy professionals, government representatives, and tech innovators worldwide. Solis brought its latest technologies and solutions to this significant event, demonstrating its commitment to revolutionary change in the clean energy sector.


The Solis-110K-5G-Pro is a next-generation solar inverter by Solis, known for its exceptional performance and reliability across various applications. Its high energy conversion efficiency and advanced smart features make it an ideal choice for clean energy projects. Attendees on-site were profoundly impressed by the performance of the Solis-110K-5G-Pro during the exhibition, recognizing its potential to play a crucial role in Malaysia’s clean energy market.


Tim Xue, Solis Southeast Asia Sales Director, stated, “We are honored to have participated in the Malaysia IGEM exhibition, which provides an excellent platform for Solis to showcase its commitment to innovative solutions in the clean energy sector. The Solis-110K-5G-Pro is a source of pride for us, and we look forward to bringing clean and sustainable energy to the Malaysian market through this product.”

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Solis will continue to actively fulfil its mission of providing clean energy solutions to the Malaysian market, helping reduce carbon emissions, enhance energy efficiency, and drive sustainable development. The company will continue to invest in innovation and technology research and development to meet the growing demand for clean energy among its customers.

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