Sustainable Energy Meets Wildlife Preservation: Vareyn Solar Installs Innovative Agrivoltaic Solar Plant in Rajasthan

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Vareyn Solar Pvt. Ltd, a leading turn-key solar EPC company in India, has recently completed the installation of a cutting-edge 400kW Agrivoltaic Solar Plant at the Nahargarh Ranthambore Palace Hotel in Rajasthan. This ambitious project, driven by the hotel’s eco-conscious owner, Shri Gaj Singh Ji, showcases a remarkable fusion of sustainable energy and wildlife preservation.


The key objective of this installation is twofold: to enhance sustainability and energy self-reliance while staying dedicated to wildlife conservation. Located within the picturesque Ranthambore Tiger Reserve, the solar plant operates as an Agrivoltaic System, integrating solar panels with agricultural activities.


This project was commissioned under Vareyn Solar’s CAPEX+ Model, which offers solar energy with collateral-free finance at an 8% reduced rate. The model includes Discom Billing Support, regular panel cleaning, zero depreciation insurance, and a two-year maintenance plan.


The environmental impact of this project is substantial, as it will generate green energy equivalent to offsetting the carbon emissions of a 200-acre forest throughout its operational life. The economic benefits are equally noteworthy, with an estimated return on investment within two years and projected revenue generation of about 48% over the next 23 years.

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In its first year, this solar plant is anticipated to produce nearly 6 lakh units of energy, making a substantial contribution to the region’s energy needs. Furthermore, it will offset approximately 300,000 kilograms of carbon dioxide emissions annually, aligning with global efforts to combat climate change.

Notably, the site’s unique features include a raised structure for agricultural activities, which necessitated the elevation of panels to accommodate banana farming around the plant.

To ensure top-tier quality and address wildlife interference, Vareyn Solar has used advanced equipment, including Navitas Mono PERC Panels and Sungrow Inverters. The installation features an innovative Anti-Monkey Protection Cable Trays designed by Vareyn Solar to safeguard DC wires from monkey interference. The solar plant is certified to withstand winds of up to 150 km/hr and utilizes hot-dip galvanized iron structures, emphasizing safety and durability.

Vareyn Solar Pvt Ltd is committed to advancing sustainable solutions, and this installation underscores their commitment to environmentally responsible energy production. The project was handled comprehensively by Vareyn Solar’s skilled team, covering installation, procurement, and government-related documentation.

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Shri Gaj Singh Alsisar, Owner of the Alsisar Group of Hotels, expressed deep appreciation for Vareyn Solar’s work, highlighting the benefits of the project for their sustainability goals and overall energy savings. He praised the CAPEX+ Model for its effectiveness and looked forward to further collaborations to create value for clients.

Ishan Chaturvedi, Co-Founder at Vareyn Solar Pvt. Ltd, emphasized the role of renewable energy in the future and the benefits of the CAPEX+ Model in pushing the boundaries of creation, installation, execution, and maintenance.

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