LONGi Retains AAA Status in PV ModuleTech Bankability Ratings


LONGi has maintained its AAA rating in the latest PV ModuleTech bankability report, underlining the company’s continued consistency in performance and financial stability.


Manufacturers are comprehensively analysed and benchmarked in each release of the report, based on the relative strengths of each from a manufacturing (value-chain, production, global module shipment profile, capex and R&D spend) and financial (cash-flow, debt, valuation, profitability and turnover) perspective.


The company’s 15th consecutive AAA rating is testimony to the widespread trust placed in its overall strength by both domestic and international financial markets, third-party institutions and the photovoltaic industry in general.


As a world leader in solar technology, LONGi has focused on customer value over the years and has continually reduced LCOE through R&D and innovation, recently upgrading the branding of its distributed products – Hi-MO X6 – to highlight its commitment to the enhancement of the user experience globally.

Based on high-efficiency HPBC cell technology, featuring a frontal busbar-free design, the product maximizes utilization of incident light, reduces optical losses, enhances conversion efficiency and consequently optimizes LCOE. The standard version of the HPBC cell has achieved an efficiency breakthrough of 25.5%, while HPBC+ cell efficiency exceeds 25.8%. Equipped with this cutting-edge technology, Hi-MO X6 shows a 6%-10% improvement in power generation performance compared to traditional modules. With a maximum efficiency of 23.3%, the product sets a new value benchmark for the global distributed market.

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Moving forward, LONGi remains fully committed to further innovations and to providing cutting-edge, reliable solutions to address the world’s growing energy demands.

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