GoodWe Concludes EcoSmart Tour in India: Empowering Solar Enthusiasts Through Innovative Training and Competition in Collaboration with SCGJ


GoodWe’s EcoSmart Tour Program in India recently concluded with the enthusiastic participation of over 90 young and enterprising professionals in an engaging two-day event. This initiative, primarily consisting of a training program and a competition, aimed to empower local communities, including academic sectors, local SMEs, NGOs, and industry education, to explore sustainable opportunities.


For the past 13 years, GoodWe has steadily advanced in the solar industry, continuously achieving new milestones and experiencing growth. Throughout the journey, the company attributes its accomplishments to the collective dedication, skills, and collaborative spirit of its teams and partners. This shared commitment empowers GoodWe and solidifies its role as a responsible contributor to the advancement of the global smart energy transition.


GoodWe’s EcoSmart Tour Program in India was established in partnership with the Skill Council for Green Jobs (SCGJ), an initiative supported by the Government of India. SCGJ’s mission is to identify the skill development needs of manufacturers and service providers within the green business sector. It aims to implement industry-led initiatives focused on skill development and entrepreneurship, contributing to India’s potential for “Green Businesses.”

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GoodWe India and SCGJ extended invitations to individuals and organizations interested in shaping the future of clean energy. The first day of the Training Program provided participants with a unique opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the evolving landscape of solar inverters and the industry. Expert lectures offered valuable insights into project performance, underscoring the critical role of operation and maintenance (O&M) in optimizing the efficiency, lifespan, and safety of solar systems.

Mr. Subrahmanyam Pulipaka, Chief Executive Officer of the National Solar Energy Federation of India, who inaugurated the program, highlighted the immense potential offered by solar energy in India and the ongoing advancements in the sector. He also emphasized the green job opportunities that the solar industry is going to generate.

Monika Kumari, Marketing Manager for GoodWe India, emphasized the significance of skill development in the rapidly evolving phase of Solar Technology and product launches. For GoodWe, continued emphasis on training reflects their commitment to ensuring that both partners and customers can maximize the potential of their solar systems.

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The second day featured a unique competition called the ‘Solar Cup 2023’, aimed at assessing the professional skills of the youthful participants and recognizing exceptional performances. The response from the participating youth was overwhelmingly positive, with participants coming from various states, including Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, and beyond.

The competition comprised two distinct segments. In the initial round, participants faced a series of multiple-choice questions related to solar and renewable technologies. Subsequently, nine candidates with the highest scores advanced to the final round, where they were tasked with installing GoodWe inverters, solar panels, and other essential technologies within a specified time frame. The candidates were divided into three separate teams and had 4.5 hours to complete the installations.

A panel of judges carefully assessed the candidates’ performances, leading to the recognition of three outstanding individuals: Raushan Kumar, Aasif, and Meghraj. They were awarded a scholarship of 1000 USD, nurturing their passion and enabling them to pursue promising careers in the solar industry.

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This initiative not only enhanced GoodWe’s brand reputation but also fostered positive local public relations by exemplifying their commitment to the Green Energy transition while prioritizing community involvement.

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