Sungrow Presents its Green Hydrogen Solutions at the Asia Pacific Hydrogen 2023 Summit & Exhibition


The Asia Pacific Hydrogen 2023 Summit & Exhibition was held in Sydney, Australia, recently. Sungrow showcased its flexible green hydrogen production solutions at the show, making a stunning presence and demonstrating innovation to fuel Australian carbon neutrality.


As Australia’s influential hydrogen energy activity, this exhibition was hosted by the Sustainable Energy Council and the Australian Hydrogen Council, bringing together the world’s leading innovative hydrogen energy technologies, solutions, and best practices.


The flexible green hydrogen production solutions that Sungrow presented are ideal for tackling the fluctuations and intermittence of wind and solar power, improving the efficiency of large-scale hydrogenation, reducing energy consumption, and meeting the demand for large-scale and multi-scenario green hydrogen production.


Zhang Min, the Overseas System Solution Director of Sungrow Hydrogen, pointed out that Australia has unparalleled wind and solar power resources, and the Australian government also has an ambitious plan for hydrogen development. Sungrow’s one-stop and tailor-made flexible hydrogen production solutions perfectly align with the Australian hydrogen strategy.

Sungrow has built a “flexible, efficient, friendly” green hydrogen production system. The company focuses on the whole industrial chain, covering the IGBT hydrogen production power supply, electrolyzer, and intelligent hydrogen management system, thus can conduct the function of full-domain monitoring and cluster control from the power source to the application terminal.

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In recent years, Sungrow has supplied several benchmark green hydrogen projects in China. The company is prepared to pioneer more global hydrogen markets with its cutting-edge solutions and world-class services.

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