SolarPower Europe Introduces Best Practice Guidelines for Agrisolar in France

Representational image. Credit: Canva

SolarPower Europe’s Agrisolar Best Practice Guidelines, a significant resource for solar developers and farmers in France, are now available. Translated with support from French members Amarenco and Akuo, the report outlines optimal approaches for integrating solar installations with agricultural activities. The document contains a customized scoring system for assessing Agrisolar project performance based on agricultural, environmental, social, economic, and lifecycle quality criteria. It also delves into practical instances of Agrisolar initiatives in the EU, providing insights into crop yield, water usage, land efficiency, biodiversity improvement, and socio-economic advantages.


Naomi Chevillard, Head of Regulatory Affairs at SolarPower Europe said: “The translation of the report will help to cultivate the Agrisolar revolution in France. Thanks to Agrisolar, farmers across Europe are able to reap the benefits of increased crop yields, improved biodiversity, and additional revenue streams.”


Eva Vandest, Head of Public Affairs, Amarenco said: “We have come a long way since SolarPower Europe’s Agrisolar Workstream was launched in 2021. Today, Agri-PV is at the heart of public debate. We are proud that these guidelines are now being translated into several languages, starting with French. The report provides a set of highly practical guidelines which will be instrumental in developing the technology, as well as being relevant to the lives of farmers, local players, and solar project developers.”

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Alexandra Sombsthay, Vice-President External Relations, Akuo said: “The translation of this report of European best practices occurs at a pivotal moment just as France finalises its regulation for the roll-out of Agri-PV. We shall not forget that Europe was born from a will to work together on two main principles: agriculture to feed our society, and energy to feed our economy. Agri-PV unites these two themes, and with this report we have the opportunity to bring together the key players in Europe: let’s get inspired!”

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