42,250 Households in Kerala Selected for Implementation of Rooftop Solar Project by February

Rooftop solar panel project

The project ‘Soura’ is aimed at making Kerala an energy efficient state by enabling production of 1000 megawatt electricity within the next two years, according to media report.

Out of 2,72,000 requests received in its initial phase, Kerala State Electricity Board (KSEB) has selected 42,250 houses to set up rooftop solar panels by February this year. 

The consumer households were selected on the basis of availability of direct sunlight from 8 am to 4 pm and the possibility of connecting with the power distribution system. Institutions and buildings under local bodies were given top priority during the selection process, as per a news report.

The solar panels will be set up on the rooftop of consumer households free of cost, and 10 per cent of the electricity produced will be given to the house owner at a specified rate for a long time. 

Of the 1000MW electricity to be generated within a time frame of 2 years, 500 MW will be produced from rooftop solar plants alone. KSEB will maintain the rooftop solar plants set up on consumer houses for the next 25 years, media news report stated. This project is intended to promote energy efficiency and reduce the impact of global warming.

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