Canopy Power Launches Enhanced Version of its Hornbill Technology Platform to Manage Remote Renewable Energy Microgrid Systems


Canopy Power has launched the latest update for Hornbill – a technology platform for 24/7 monitoring and management of remote microgrid systems, developed in Singapore.


Hornbill Base has been enhanced by the addition of local touch-screen Human Machine Interface, surge protection, Uninterruptible Power Supply and additional local data storage. Hornbill Portal now features data download and graph comparison functions, as well as real-time error detection and condition monitoring.


An Asset Management Platform


While remote microgrid systems are a huge enabler for significant economic development, poor management of them may result in system reliability and performance sustainability issues. Hornbill was engineered to address this. A technology developed in-house by Canopy Power in Singapore, Hornbill has three essential components – real-time monitoring, remote management and advanced analytics. Linked to a remote microgrid installation and with control services tailored to individual requirements, Hornbill minimises operation and maintenance costs, maximises uptime, and also increases project bankability.

The system is composed of the Hornbill Base – hardware installed at the site with the microgrid – and the Hornbill Portal – a Cloud-based visualisation and control interface. The microgrid system performance can be checked on one’s smartphone or other device, allowing proactive measures to be taken to manage the system and optimise performance.

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Daniel Rye, business development director of Canopy Power said: “Hornbill allows entire portfolios of disparate systems to be managed on a single Cloud-based platform. The rich data set translates to cost savings and value-add for customers and project investors. It also facilitates our commercial offerings such as project financing and O&M services.”

Renewable Energy Microgrid Systems By Canopy Power

Singapore-based Canopy Power specialises in independent clean energy microgrid systems which are especially beneficial to communities and businesses located remotely or off the grid, or that have unreliable power supply.

Benefits of implementing an independent renewable energy microgrid include significant cost savings through reduced reliance on expensive diesel fuel, reduced diesel fuel logistical burden and environmental pollution (noise, air, visual), increased power generation reliability, and contribution to sustainability and eco certification which can impact top-line growth.

Canopy Power systems, including Hornbill technology, are deployed in some of the region’s most known island resorts, such as Nikoi Private Island and Batu Batu – both won Silver Awards at the recent 2019 WTM World Responsible Tourism Awards.

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