GoodWe has Become the Necessity of Solar Industry and We take Pride in being Recognised as Most Preferred Inverter Partner


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Mr. James Hou, Head of Sales – SEA & India, GoodWe

Please tell us about your products and services.


GoodWe is a leading solar inverter company having focus in research and manufacturing of PV inverters and energy storage solutions. Since its inception, company have been dedicated for research and development of PV inverter technology which have fruitfully awarded into GoodWe being ranked in Top 10 solar inverter manufacturer by Bloomberg, IHS Markit and Wood Mackenzie. 


GoodWe takes pride in being recognized as preferred inverter partner by its customers, which is the result of dedicated R&D, high quality production norms, integrated advanced components and unmatched after-sales services.
GoodWe have full-fledged 1kW to 80kW solar inverter product basket containing solar solutions for residential, Commercial & Industrial and utility scale projects and Storage Inverter Solutions. The inverters have a robust design and manufactured for extreme conditions to maintain high efficiency and maximum output to provide maximum ROI. High end topology design integrated with advanced components makes GoodWe inverters reliable, easy to maintain and high-performance device. 

GoodWe not only manufacture solar inverters but also provide life-time free monitoring solution like SEMS (Smart Energy Management System) and EzLogger Pro.

SEMS can manage the production, usage and scheduling of the energy to provide a reliable power source and total control over connected appliances.EzLogger is GoodWe’s self-developed monitoring device. In combination with a GoodWe solar Inverter, it can easily read and record all key plant data and constantly transmit the data to the global monitoring web server via internet.

Tell us something about the recent technological innovations in your products?

GoodWe offers MT Series Solar Inverter solution which comes in 50kW to 80kW capacity. MT series inverters have become a necessary choice for C&I and Utility scale project due to its technological strength for high performance even at harsh conditions of 50℃. The MT Series inverters come with 50% DC overloading and 15% AC overloading feature along with 4 MPPT having range of 200V to 1000V. The inverter is made to adapt in extreme conditions like high heat of 50℃, high humidity of 85% along with protection grade of IP65 keeping it operational in heavy rain & dust.

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PV technology has been developing rapidly aiming at reducing LCOE and the PV inverter plays an important role. Though MT Series inverter solutions have IP65 protection grade, it comes with an intelligent ventilation design which allows strong heat dissipation with the help of smart fans thus ensuring long product lifespan. It offers 99% efficiency rate along with a flexible and light weight design; the 80kW MT series inverter weighs only 72kgs making it easy to operate & maintain. 

GoodWe MT Series inverter solution come with various other feature which keep these inverters ahead in the market. Key features like DC reverse current alarm, String level monitoring with smart detection, Arc fault circuit interrupter, Power line communication with PLC, WIFI and various other communication port sources, I-V curve scanning function, Anti PID function, Insulation monitoring, Integrated residual current monitoring unit, etc. GoodWe MT series inverter solution comes fully loaded with features making it a reliable source of power generation and easy to monitor the Return of Investment (ROI).

GOODWE MT Series Inverter | 50-80 kW | 3Phase | 4 MPPT |

Please shed some light on the growth plans for India. Which are the key market segments that you are to target this year?  

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The solar inverter market in India is dominated by utility scale followed by commercial & residential scale segment. India being one of the largest solar market globally, GoodWe have always focused on product quality and customer services being fruitfully awarded with regular building customer trust and increasing inverter supply in India. Focusing on Indian Solar market requirements, GoodWe is planning to launch 1500V inverter solution in its product basket. Thus, keeping inverter solutions up to date with market scenario & technology drag along with dedicated services, GoodWe have plans to support maximum number of solar giants in India.

Goodwe is developing a new age battery storage system – All in One System (ESA Series). How will it benefit the solar projects?

GoodWe is pleased to introduce the ESA Series, an “All-in-One” hybrid system that is designed to simplify the installation process to the maximum. It consists of the following elements: a hybrid inverter, a battery bank and a pre-wired system located inside a modern cabinet; it also includes connection devices and a preset cable slot. It is estimated that this system reduces the installation cost by as much as 60%!


• Pre-Installed Devices: Built-in DC switch, AC breaker (On-Grid/Backup), battery breaker, switch board, earth terminal and communication unit.

• Pre-Wired Design: The smart meter, the battery and the AC breaker are pre-wired and pre-connected at the factory and the moment the set reaches the end users, it is ready to be deployed and installed.

• Preset Cable Slot: As part of the systems design, there is a cable slot, where external PV and CT cables to the grid or the loads can be placed.

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• In addition, the ESA system is also equipped with an AC load bypass switch, used for switching the load supply from the backup to the grid; the bypass switch also performs the rapid shutdown protection through the connection of an additional external breaker with a switch board.

How do you see your company evolving over the years?

GoodWe has been regularly evolving as a top listed solar inverter manufacturer being recognized by Bloomberg, IHS Markit and Wood Mackenzie. With a mission to provide hassle free products and solutions, GoodWe have partnered with various solar giants like Tata power solar, Sterling and Wilson, Bosch, etc and served them with best of its products and services. High performing inverters have helped GoodWe gain customer satisfaction leading increased to increased reliability on the brand.

GoodWe have received its recognition after many years of painstaking research, continuously achieving innovative breakthroughs in the world of inverter technology. Inverters being highly efficient and intelligent combined with flexible and light weight design makes GoodWe an obvious choice for every project.

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