The County’s, Year of the Industrial Project, Event was Held at the New Ginlong (Solis) Technologies Base


    On the morning of March 5th, the county’s “Year of the Industrial Project”
    inauguration ceremony was held at the new base of Ginlong Technologies. This
    event is of great significance to the company and has far-reaching impacts on
    Ginlong Technologies.


    As leading Chinese string inverter company, Ginlong Technologies has a
    large-scale investment in the newly-built second production base project. At this
    site, Ginlong (Solis) is demonstrating how advanced technology will play an
    important role in the county’s economic development and speed up the
    conversion of new and old production capacity.

    Ginlong (Solis)Technologies’ new base is located in Binhai Industrial Park,
    Xiangshan Economic Development Zone. The main buildings are the R & D
    Center , production workshop, warehouse, office building, and other facilities.


    As of In 2019, sales of Ginlong Technologies increased by more than 35% over
    the same period of the previous year, once again reaching a record high. It is
    understood that the area of the new base is about 146 acres, which is 2.5 times
    that of the original factory. The industrial equipment and production line
    automation of at the new plant is more advanced than existing production lines,
    which will further increase production capacity. After the project is completed, it
    is estimated that the economic benefits will be about 450 million Yuan, and the tax
    will be 510 million Yuan.

    The president of Ginlong Technologies Yiming Wang pointed out in his speech
    that the distributed string inverter project is the first expansion project for
    Ginlong Technologies after its listing,and the new Ginlong(Solis) product base will
    be a more advanced and have greater capacity. Since its establishment in 2005,
    Ginlong Technologies has been guided by the phrase, “transformation and
    upgrading, innovation and development”, which includes; transitioning to
    industry-financed integration, lean and intelligent manufacturing, innovative
    product, R&D and manufacturing technology, achieving rapid growth in market
    sales and the establishment of new Ginlong (Solis) manufacturing bases that
    guarantee capacity will meet customer need.

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    Ginlong Technologies will stay loyal to the innovation-driven concept, increasing
    the application of new technologies , improving product design and the use of
    new technologies, continuing to strictly control quality and safety at our new and
    existing manufacturing bases, continuing to cultivate new economic growth
    points, and always striving to create “A Ginlong Solis Bright Tomorrow” for
    science and technology.

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