SECI Issues Amendment For 34 MW (AC) Ground-based Solar Project At Telangana


Solar Energy Corporation of India Limited (SECI) recently Issued Public Notice of Amendment regarding the tender of 34 MW (AC) ground-based Solar PV Power Plant for different packages at SCCL Telangana State.


The Amendments are Pressure Cooker Test shall be carried out under the following conditions: 121 °C /100 %Rh and 2 atm pressure for 48 hours. The apparatus shall be such that the specimen is not dipped in water but exposed to vapor (steam) while maintaining the aforementioned conditions. Necessary sensors for measurement of Temperature, Pressure, and RH shall be installed for verification. For acceptance: 1. there shall be no delamination or microcracks observed in the back sheet 2. The back sheet shall retain 30% of the initial value (as per approved GTP) of the Elongation at Break, Every DC input terminal of PCU shall be provided with fuse/MCB/MCCB of appropriate rating. The combined DC feeder shall have suitably rated isolators for safe start-up and shut down of the system. One spare DC input terminal shall be provided for each PCU, In case of outdoor PCU, PCU without LCD with provision for Data access over Bluetooth shall be acceptable.

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The notice also added, Relays shall operate on suitable DC auxiliary voltage and the relays shall be capable of operating continuously between 80 – 120% of auxiliary voltage, Connectivity, and Data transmission: RS485 MODBUS interface for data collection and storage on SCADA. Communication protocol should support fast data transmission rates, enable operation in different frequency bands and have an encryption-based data security layer for secure data transmission, All outdoor installations shall be supported on plinth comprising of RCC framed structure with foundations, columns and beam up to plinth level (FFL), with a suitable metal canopy on top, GI tubular pole supported on RCC pedestal and foundation structure through Baseplate & Anchor bolt assembly, During the demonstration of yearly CUF, any shortfall from specified CUF shall attract the LD @ INR 5.65/kWh for each unit shortfall. The CUF shall be calculated as per the formula mentioned under Section VII, Scope of Work and Technical Specifications, Module cleaning procedure and pressure requirement at discharge point shall be as per the recommendation of PV module manufacturer. However, discharge pressure at the outlet shall not be less than 5kgf/cm2 (0.5 MPa).

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On 21st March, SECI issued a tender for 34 MW Solar PV Power Plant in Telangana. 20 April 2020 is the last date for bid submission and the techno-commercial bids will be opened on the same date. The estimated cost of the project is Rs 154.36 crores. The 34 MW capacity will be developed at 2 different sites: Site 1 will be of 11MW and it will be located at Chennur whereas site 2 will be of 23 MW and it will be located at Kothagudem.To participate Minimum Average Annual Turnover of the bidder should be Rs 61.74 crore in the last three financial years and should have Rs 38.59 crore as Working Capital.

On 2nd April, SECI has issued a notice in concern with tender related queries for 34 MW (AC) grid-connected ground-based solar PV power project at SCCL, Telangana. The notice stated due to the global outbreak of Pandemic Novel Coronavirus, COVID 19 the pre-bid meeting scheduled for this tender could not be conducted on 30.03.2020 and bidders were requested to submit their tender related queries before 05.04.2020 by 1800 Hrs as conducting Pre Bid meetings is not feasible in the current circumstances.

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Recently, SECI has issued a notice in concern with the extension of the bid submission deadline for 34 MW (AC) grid-connected ground-based solar PV power project at SCCL, Telangana. Existing Date & Time of Bid Submission and Bid Opening was 20.04.2020 till 1400 HRS and 20.04.2020 at 1600 HRS respectively. Revised Date & Time of Bid Submission and Bid Opening is 13.05.2020 till 1400 HRS and 13.05.2020 at 1600 HRS.

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