With Money in Hand, Families Have a Good Life! 8MW Photovoltaic Poverty Alleviation Power Stations Become Hero!


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On the banks of the Yellow River and in the valleys of the Fen River, rows of neatly arranged panels are shining under the sun, becoming a unique and beautiful scenery! For photovoltaic poverty alleviation, Shanxi province of China has handed over an excellent answer sheet.


Shanxi, as one of the earliest provinces in China to carry out targeted poverty alleviation, has created a new mechanism for photovoltaic income distribution and promoted the continuous innovation of new format of “PV +”. In just a few years, the collective income of the village has been increased, and the poor households have money in their hands.


Today we are talking about the village-level poverty alleviation power station in Shanxi Province, a well-deserved “hero” for local people. Its total installed capacity is 8MW. The project is located in Shanxi Province and the photovoltaic power station is owned by the village collective. The benefits from photovoltaic power generation are mainly used for targeted poverty alleviation of local poor villages and impoverished households. All inverters in the core part of the power station are products of the brand of SOFARSOLAR, with the model of Sofar40000TL.

As a hot-selling product of SOFARSOLAR, this type of machine has high efficiency and stable performance, and can operate stably in harsh environment such as tidal flat, barren mountain, swamp and so on. The internal components select international brands, adopt six 100% factory tests, set the I-V curve intelligent scanning function, built-in anti-island RCMU, ground fault monitoring and other functions. After the photovoltaic power station is installed and connected to the grid, the technical service team of SOFARSOLAR will visit it regularly to assist the operation and maintenance in order to better ensure the continuous and stable operation of the power station and the profit of the owner. Thanks to these strong guarantees, in a flash, the poverty alleviation power station has been operating stably for two years, creating a huge economic effect for the local area and maximizing social benefits.

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“I have been basking in the sun all my life, but I never dreamed that this blue photovoltaic panel could make me live a good life.” From a family in Shanxi.

The technical service personnel of SOFARSOLAR said that the construction of the power station with high quality, high standard and high efficiency is the first step to implement the photovoltaic poverty alleviation project, and the efficient operation, maintenance and management of the power station is an important guarantee to maximize the economic and social benefits. SOFARSOLAR has a professional technical service team, which can not only provide professional support in terms of products, but also provide scientific guidance in terms of operation and maintenance to ensure the stable operation and long-term benefits of the power station.

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