KSTAR PV project in Hungary starts to generate electricity


KSTAR announces the inverter KSG-50K series as one of optimal solutions for distributed commercial PV system with Max. DC voltage 1000V. This solution is smart, safe and reliable.KSG-50K inverter is most applicable for distributed commercial PV systems. It is high efficiency, high reliability and easy installation, like 3 MPPT,IP65, DC fuse optional and Reactive power controller.


“The smart solution was produced to meet a growing demand for customers, and help them reduce installation cost and save more time,”  Said one of  the technical managers for KSTAR. “The KSG 30~60K series of inverter creates higher yields for commercial PV systems and  starts to be widely used in Europe , Australia and Asia .”


For PV system owners, the KSG 30~60K series of inverter delivers great harvest from the sun when operation and reduces line losses throughout the PV system. 3 MPPT, DC/AC surge protection and Type Ⅱ SPD optional  brings much more convenience and simplifies the whole installation and maintenance, greatly saves the labor and money.


KSTAR  also provides DC1500V Turnkey Solution(Inverter+MV Transformer+RMU) for cost savings in large-scale PV power projects. Power capacity range of KSTAR DC1500V turnkey solution is from 1MW to 6.8MW. Those EPC, distributors, procurement managers and owners are welcome to talk or email to KSTAR sales managers to find out which smart solution is the most suitable for them.

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